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China into the United States the third largest source of legal immigrants a gr
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According to the U.S. "World News" reported that a U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently released a research report, the United States now has about 530,000 legal permanent residents from China (mainly the green card holder), of which 19 million people have been symbol Naturalized U.S. citizen eligible for combined, these two figures are the number of total U.S. legal permanent residents eligible for naturalization, and the number of 4.3% and 2.5%. China become the third largest source of legal immigrants, second only to Mexico and However, the Philippines, more than India. Permanent residents of the latest statistical report from the Ministry of State Security Office of Immigration Statistics, is the first time U.S. officials released eight years relevant statistics. Report adopted at 1 January 2009 the federal Immigration and Citizenship Services Bureau (USCIS) data, calculate the current U.S. legal permanent residence status of immigrants close to 1250 million, of which 790 million people meet the citizenship eligibility, has joined the U.S. citizenship or U.S. non-immigrant visa status of residence who are not In the statistics. The report notes that the number of permanent residents in the past few years has been stable at 12400000-1260 million between the U.S. government since 1980, a total of 2400 million people have a green card or other immigration status, has been super- 1000 people have joined the U.S. citizenship, including naturalization of young people with his parents. The data also indicated that about 175 million people in 1980 will be granted permanent residency status, but has not selected naturalization. Waves of immigration since the 90's also reflected in the report, 53% of the green card holder post-2000 immigrants. Three years between 2005 and 2008, and achieved the status of immigrants is more than 2001 to 2005, jumped 1.4 million. The new immigrants were the most favorite place of residence were California, New York, Texas, Florida and New Jersey. Country comparison in terms of permanent residents from Mexico, the highest of 328 million people. Followed by the Philippines, China, India and the Dominican Republic. The five countries 42% of the total number of immigrants. The report also interesting to find that, from China and India, the number of green card holders in third and fourth, respectively, but in line with the number of people eligible for citizenship tied for eighth, the report said this could tilt the naturalization of migrants in both countries Concerned, but may since they are new immigrants, and to obtain a green card less than five years the rules.