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Immigration office of United States of increase sharply of application keep long
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According to the United States " live abroad signs up for " report of cite associated press, bush-administration has begun to work overtime later with normal working hours on the weekend the emigrant naturalization speak to sb face to face that has concerned, because answer to increase takes step suddenly what the naturalization that the summer began to appear last year applies for,this is a government.

The citizen that land brings all follower and emigrant service bureau had begun to reach weekday and Zhou Yi Saturday speak to sb face to face has to applicant after the normal time going to work to Zhou Wu. In the interview that makes an appointment in these need, applicant will play an any questions that the citizen takes an exam and answer interview official raises.

The move that has speak to sb face to face on the weekend is different common, this makes governmental orgnaization reiterates on its website, the interview that reachs weekday Saturday is not a mistake.

According to the report, the 2007 finance that ended on September 30 inside year, this orgnaization received the application of 1.4 million naturalization in all.

The application that this has about 500 thousand among them is submitted before naturalization cost raises to 590 dollars from 330 dollars. Additionally dactylogram cost also raises to 80 dollars.

Because people criticism will apply for charge to raise a large number of addition that what caused application, but the immigration office did not do sufficient preparation good to answer those who apply for a number to increase again. Because applicant number is too much, some applicants may be in the citizen still cannot be become to attend before presidential general election this year in November voting.

The immigration office says, the height of this one applicant that appeared in July 2007 is unprecedented, the government had adopted concerned measure to answer this one phenomenon. The Rhys of chief ridge Sa that the immigration office is about to leave off his post is written in its rich guest, in applying for with what received in July last year in June, the person that has half above will be in naturalization interview is finished before September 30 this year. He still says, the person that some applied for naturalization later in July last year has become a citizen now. The latency time that this orgnaization casts present naturalization interview is in about 14-16 lunar left and right sides.