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Minister of immigrant of Canadian immigrant new policy can adjudicate on alone a
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Canada rolls out proposal of a budget 14 days federally, budgetary proposal suggests to reform land settlement policy considerably, grant emigrant minister older right, in other words, the government has authority to expedite certain application the examination of the case program, also authority rejects to try the application file of certain person.

According to central company information, put forward before Canadian government is early " immigrant and refugee protection law " edit case, inside the budgetary proposal proposed law of 136 pages, about more than 10 are concerned with land settlement policy, include:

· emigrant official maintains the applicant that will add, emigrant minister has authority to refuse.

· emigrant minister has authority to place a condition, limitation handles which kinds every year to file a case emigrantly.

· does not accord with the person that the qualification will come to to add, think the word that emigrates through humane reason, ask they arrive at Canada first, ability can process their application.

Fan Yin of Canadian emigrant minister beautiful express, modification land settlement policy has two objectives only: Allow more immigrant comes to Canada, the labor that fill is in short supply and reunite with the family member; Quicken the examine and verify of emigrant application.

Fan Yin beautiful express to say, the government puts forward to reform scheme, the purpose is to clear of old keep long in stock file a case, at present many 80 allow immigrant annulus to await. Edit immigration laws compasses, can accelerate what the technology emigrates to examine and approve a program. Canada needs technical immigrant, this is phyletic a case is severe keep long in stock, the applicant often abandons Canada. But the immigrant that she represents which category not clearly suffers no longer take seriously.

But opposition points out, new reform gifts the government picks emigrant influence, revise immigrant and refugee protection law this, make emigrant ministry authority expands, emigrant ministry can have right after whether is write one's own ticket set to abroad application be restricted.

Fan Yin beautiful say, since 1993, government office of free party card allows to apply for a case keep long in stock by immigrant, number increases 15 times. Check and approve files a document, when needing 3 arrive 6 years, huang considers transaction file. Emigrant ministry also announces at the same time, according to preliminary data, 2007, the government signs and issue certificate of 251 thousand permanent residents, ﹑ of four hundred and twenty-nine thousand six hundred and forty-nine permanent residents temporarily foreign worker and foreign student will add.