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Experience category immigrant plans to take an examination of elegant think of p
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News of network of Chinese live abroad: According to Canada " bright newspaper " report, canadian emigrant ministry will be added newly later Spring 2008 " Canadian experience category " (plan of Canadian Experience Class) , in emigrant on January 21 ministry and Canadian lawyer consortium (the member that CBA) citizen and immigrant are comprised is announced when Wengehua attends a meeting, the basis is relatively unified on language requirement, everybody must play English elegant think of (IELTS) takes an exam, the grading that has cent or the hear to emigrant ministry is obtained to set on literacy 6 above in English only (namely elegant think of must be in 5 to 6.9 minutes of) , ability can offer application.

In addition, if the applicant is international student, must be to be in Canada public the school has read 1 year or going up only is 2 years curricular above just accords with a qualification, is the ESL student that comes to Canada to study a language only, and those who hold working visa employ many kinds of personage such as the personage to cannot apply for oneself.

Explain according to emigrant ministry, the applicant must take cent or 6 above on language grading project, be equivalent to elegant think of an exam to must be obtained 5 to 6.9 minutes of achievement. Because will ask all public figures that file this category attend elegant think of an exam, emigrant ministry anticipation attends in Canada elegant the public figure that considers an exam can increase 25% , emigrant ministry and sponsor with each district elegant the educational orgnaization contact that thinks of an exam, decide they have the candidate for an entrance examination that enough manpower bear increases, with Xi Menfei sanded university (SFU) is dealt with in Lie Zhiwen elegant think of an exam to be exemple, mensal, once examinee increases 25% , SFU already expressed to have method processing to emigrant ministry.

According to the plan, the student must want to 1 is in to 2 years of above public go up only the experience of school attend school, and ever worked 1 year after graduation, working profession must accord with place of manpower resource ministry to make up profession of calm whole nation to classify (the profession of the 3 categories such as NOC)O, A, B.

If be the foreign worker that casual makes visa, lowermost record of formal schooling asks to be a middle school or be apprentice, calculate when application there are 2 years inside 3 years case past full-time or the experience that is equivalent to full-time job.

As to include the refugee, be faced with drive out personage, without identity personage, reach hold make visa and ESL student wait for a few kinds from hire hands, all cannot apply for this category.

Vice director of assistant of branch of policy of department of immigrant of emigrant ministry delegate (Assistant Deputy Director Of Policy)Katherine Pestieau and Francois Henault of division of senior policy analysis, met in Wengehua and lawyer consortium member a few days ago, to them the specification has completed initial program, will roll out later Spring 2008 " Canadian experience category " , hope member of Canadian lawyer consortium can be before January 31, to emigrant ministry to table a proposal.
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