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It is the best opportunity with the emigrant investment that impose a state 8 ye
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Demit is old see the New Year in, canadian emigrant ministry also is new investment immigrant applicant of a year brought good news: 2008, impose a state absorbing the circumstance with emigrant and overall changeless dimensions to fall, will increase 2000 quota to invest emigrant applicant, and labor power will increase in the key area that includes China inside, deal with speed in order to rise, the investment immigrant that attracts more to have actual strength becomes the new blood that imposes a state. In the meantime, from the point of the circumstance 2007, the applicant of Asia-Pacific area is imposed a state pay close attention to all the more, try speed to be carried apparently not only fast, and lead successfully also be among the best of candidates. Accordingly, live abroad expert is forecasted in, speed of quota promotion, cognizance is accelerated, successful rate rises this 3 big profit to will make made the turn with conduction emigrant and best investment 2008 very much.

Quota: Reinforce of quota of 2000 technologies immigrant invests immigrant

The near future, canadian emigrant ministry was referred to congress " the job planned 2008 " . According to this plan, 2008 year Canada receives emigrant gross to maintain the level 2007 basically, maintain in 240 thousand to 265 thousand between. But, the number scale of each categories appears to change apparently however. What its median must notice is, all cut technical immigrant quota considerably with Quebec government federally, federally even with one action reduced quota of people of 30000 technologies immigrant. Conversely, invest emigrant quota however from 2007 on the 9000 foundations to 11000 levels, raised 2000 quota of people, achieved 11000 to 13000 people. And province nomination project increases 8000 quota in all, the economy that hopes exciting Canada is saved each federally apparently very much grows greatly, encourage each province to select eligible talented person through the policy of oneself. Among them quota growth rate is the rapiddest is Quebec government, quota number was 2008 6000 to 7000 people, prep above the 5700 people 2007 and the 4761 people 2006. With compared 2006, 2007 and the biggest amplitude of quota was respectively 2008 12.4% with 20.4% . Of environment of good in benefit policy drive, before 2007 10 months, quebec invests immigrant to applied for a record number to grow 10% compared to the same period, achieve 2402.

To this, suffer the stimulation of interest good policy, the upsurge of immigrant of the investment that impose a state that second half of the year began 2007 will continue to 2008, and hopeful forms Xin Yibo climax. In the meantime, the government that impose a state adjusts emigrant quota scale to also release a signal, the policy that draws investment immigrant to drive socioeconomy to develop has revealed the effect, did not come for some time, add a country to will continue to increase the strength that draws investment immigrant, resemble island of PEI(Edward prince especially) such province nomination project, will make the popular choice that invests emigrant Canada 8 years. And as increase the investment with the largest nation one of emigrant origin ground, the applicant of Chinese inland will get more policy support from which.
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