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Immigrant becomes safeguard economy to fly element Ireland persuades immigrant t
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Full in the time of a century, the Irish leaves the motherland in ground of try every means. And now, the foreigner emerges to the doorway of this country. Irish problem depends on now how tarry is emigrant, because emigrate,had become the main essential factor that makes sure economy flies.

Ireland blends in clerical minister Lenihan to be summed up, "The immigrant inside 10 years arrives from 0 development 12% what occupy population, arrive again 15% . Arrive again 15% ..

Several acting people did not forget Ireland 1845 come to pulled the home to take a mouth to escape 1847 the story of big be hard pressed for money. This country had 6.5 million population 1841, remain only to 1961 2.8 million. But present situation produced changeover. Be in 1997 to 2007 among these 10 years, 739 thousand foreigners choose to move Ireland, as a result this compatriots mouth increases to 4.3 million now.

The 10 members state that joins an European Union recently accelerated the rate of this one immigrant, emigrant number turned over one times almost, added the 110 thousand person of 2007 from the 58 thousand person 2004. Polack is the 2nd big foreigner that lives in this country after afterwards Englishman a group of things with common features group. Le Nihan expresses to Afp reporter, if other country appears this kind of circumstance, may panic-stricken, england, France and Germany need the 30 time that arrive 40 years to just can reach this emigrant level.

The so called foreigner that enters Ireland is the Irish that returns country mostly actually, occupy almost emigrate every year the half of the number. Additional, immigrant basically is white Nazarene, for example Polack, particularly outstanding a few immigrant takes one fraction only: 30 thousand african and less than 50 thousand Asian.

Additionally Ireland says without the person immigrant reaved their job. Begin from 1993, economic rouse oneself to catch up of Ireland, the economic progress speed 2000 is achieved even 10% . Unemployment rate from 1993 15.9% fall to 4% 2001.

Le Nihan emphasizes, a lot of branches cannot leave immigrant. After 10 fresh blood countries join an European Union, irish gross domestic product rose 3.5% . Le Nihan expresses, the problem henceforth does not depend on whether accepting immigrant, however how tarry is emigrant.