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Canadian emigrant minister: Edit case do not set immigrant to apply quantitative
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In report occupied new network on March 20 Canada " astral island daily " report, fan Yin of minister of Canadian federal immigrant beautiful the minority that interviewed this locality in Toronto recently emphasizes when medium of a group of things with common features descendants, edit case the upper limit that won't set immigrant to apply a measure, but new proposed law can have bigger flexibility than active act, can inspect the need of market of Canadian obtain employment, preferential processing a few cases, and reduce case of keep long in stock with taller efficiency.

Model mattress Li Chengqing edits the case is emigrant without limitation application amount, contrary meeting adopts a few more efficient way to reduce case of current keep long in stock, if meet what will exist at present, the case that some applicants offer multinomial category visa to apply for at the same time, choose comes out, manage somewhere else by one sort only. And current law cannot accomplish this however.

Fan Yin beautiful still emphasize, edit case it is to accelerate immigrant to file plan, shorten expect time. The amount that a case keep long in stock will emigrate during before she points to, government office of free party card is in office by 50 thousand increase to 800 thousand, and among them many is technical immigrant application, what emigrate at present is average expecting time is 4~6 year, and the immigrant of some countries awaits time to have 6 months only however, this makes the appeal that Canada lost pair of talented people. New proposed law will have bigger flexibility, but the demand according to market of Canadian obtain employment, and preferential processing is certain application, be like the application of medical affairs category. And current law does not have this kind of flexibility, can be to press application time order to handle only. If active mechanism do not make a change, arrive when 2012, await time emigrantly to will be lengthened.

The family reunites immigrant is insusceptible

Reunite to the family kind of emigrant application, fan Yin beautiful express also won't because edit case and be affected, no matter be of husband and wife, parents and grandparent,reunite immigrant won't suffer an effect. She says, government of the Conservative Party is met forever place the interest that takes care of a family in the first place, the Conservative Party appears on the stage the family of the aftertreatment reunites application, had compared seat of government of free party card fast 20% to 40% .

To editing case the meeting will be active if the applicant accords with a condition " will " issue visa, change before " likelihood " the method that issues visa, fan Yin beautiful do not think this is privative the applicant's rights and interests, because obtain visa,not be a right, is a give special treatment only.

Because this editing case it is accessary budget proposal, because this is trustful and voting. Fan Yin beautiful express, she is right edit of the case through confident.
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