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Live abroad head delivers news in: 8 years September, canada invests land settle
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It is reported, canada atOn March 8, 2008Issue governmental communique, put forward act to revise a proposal to active immigration laws. Modification proposal is main be aimed at immigration laws 87(6) clause, appetent and contractible " passive investment " invest the suitable scope in emigrant project each in Canada; If should revise an opinion to obtain Canadian parliament to pass, the pattern that only Canadian federal invests emigrant project and chief province to invest emigrant project to be able to use passive investment.

Canadian government puts forward immigration laws modification proposal is right impact of project of nomination of Canadian PEI province is bigger. If this act is obtained,pass, new policy will withRose on September 2, 2008Execute formally; According to the regulation of act, inOn September 2, 2008The applicant that saves nomination paper to PEI is taken before, the effect that does not suffer new policy.

The expert discloses, below normal circumstance, chinese applicant deals with Canadian PEI to save nomination project, it is 120 days from the periodic time that puts forward to apply for to acquire nomination paper (the ideal that this deadline tries for the case is periodic) .

As a result of at present the uncertainty of policy, the applicant that the proposal prepares to apply for PEI to save nomination project as soon as possible with in live abroad immigrant is advisory get in touch, in order to obtain newest information and information.