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8 years the summer adds a government to will roll out experience kind emigrant
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Finance budget proposal proclaimed Canadian government 2007 roll out a new emigrant approach, add a country in order to ensure to be able to withhold the outstanding talented person that has knowledge and technical ability, in order to get used to the labour market demand of rapid change. Now, this emigrant project shows clue eventually.

This brand-new immigrant plans, canadian experience kind emigrant (Canadian Experience Class, CEC) , will be helpful for two kinds having temporarily the applicant of the identity gains permanent and resident status: Study abroad graduate and the applicant that hold working visa. This new land settlement policy will have with existing land settlement policy very big different, the purpose depends on tarry having the applicant of Canadian study and working experience.

According to introducing, canadian experience kind emigrant meeting is mixed to the student studying abroad that already obtained degree in Canada already had Canada in what Canada works temporarily the identity (the emigrant application of the personage of Temporary Residence Status) brings huge advantage. The emigrant application that comes from these personages on one hand can become easier, on the other hand this is planted of emigrant project examine and approve will accelerate greatly.

Additional, canadian experience kind immigrant has diverse demand to applicant of student studying abroad and working visa, will use new standards of grading. Applicant must hold Canada temporarily visa identity, but refugee applicant cannot apply for this kind of immigrant. The requirement of working experience respect and technical immigrant are same, basically center in the professional category such as management and professional technology. Canadian experience kind immigrant has to the grading of Canadian record of formal schooling and experience bigger emphasize particularly on. Official language still is essential consideration element, but ask to reduce, the language level that in asking to have only, waits (be equivalent to elegant think of 5.0 - 6.9) . To the student studying abroad, the learning process that asks to have record of formal schooling of above of Canadian three-year institution of higher learning and two years of above and study must be in Canada public school or the private school that can award degree are finished. Additional, ability of experience of work of the Canada after the finish school that the student studying abroad still needs to have one year applies for this kind of immigrant. But emigrant and as different as federal technology, canadian experience kind immigrant will use new standards of grading. To the applicant that hold job permits, lowest of record of formal schooling can be high school diploma, but the Canadian work experience that must have two years. Additional, canadian experience kind immigrant general makes a demand to the capital of emigrant applicant no longer.

Canadian emigrant ministry will is opposite Canadian experience kind emigrant application gives preferential cognizance. According to estimation, the application of federal technology immigrant that this kind of immigrant files to will compare convention is a lot of faster and the requirement is inferior, believe to be able to make the first selection of a lot of people.
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