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Canada saves nomination project to will major shift is rectified
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March 2008, canadian citizen and immigration office (CIC) saves nomination project each in the light of what operating at present, publish newest modification policy, raise restricted requirement, this is adjusted will right at present wide the province nomination project such as welcome Edward prince island produces major effect.

Since Edward prince island founded 1999 oneself, experience the policy April 2006 to adjust, with its inferior doorsill, simple document asks and invest way neatly, become most one of province nomination projects that get domestic applicant praise highly. This project is to the main demand of applicant, investor is had 400 thousand add yuan (add up to a RMB about 2.8 million) the asset of above and 3 years of successful commerce of above manage experience. Means of two kinds of investment can offer an alternative, it is in this the province invests lowest 200 thousand add yuan (add up to a RMB about 1.4 million) , oneself establish enterprise or become a shareholder the company that place joins aptitude; 2 it is applicant can choose to invest only without return return 105 thousand add yuan (add up to a RMB about 735 thousand) financing means. In the meantime, if the applicant is handed in additionally 20 thousand add yuan (add up to a RMB about 140 thousand) English bail and 25 thousand add yuan (add up to a RMB about 175 thousand) living bail, exempt language asks and can ask in what Edward prince island settles 1 year.

Be in before in handling practice, considering Edward prince islander mouth is relatively exiguous, the market invests an opportunity to compare stricture relatively, and take care of domestic business to still need to spend more energy, so applicant of great majority home basically can select the 105 thousand investment kind that imposes yuan of financing. And the basis shows a policy, pay living bail applicant can exempt lives one year to Edward prince island, after this succeeds for domestic applicant immigrant, city of direct and resident emigrant heat offerred advantage.

However, after this policy is adjusted, the applicant invests what cannot choose financing again way, also cannot the means exempt that repass pays living earnest money is resident requirement. Now will Canadian citizen was mixed on March 8, 2008 immigration office (quilt of point of CIC) new policy is as follows, the applicant that this for attention policy revises is referenced:

Nominated foreigner issues the member that can be counted to save nomination to handle in the following circumstance only:

(A) The Capital Is Provided By The Foreign National To A Business In The Province That Nominated Them, other Than A Business Operated Primarily For The Purpose Of Deriving Investment Income Such As Interest, dividends Or Capital Gains;

(The capital that A) this foreigner invests casts Xiang Xiangji to award the business inside the province of nomination, unlike the company that basically wait for yield to get accrual, bonus or capital benefit and runs;
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