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Germany invests the advantage of emigrant project

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1 favorable investment climate:

2, flexibility is strong:  unexpectedly above of person of? of allow of what  tip, collective and contributive register a company.

3, investment is small, the risk is low:  of Lu of ┢ of suddenly of bursa of instrument of Pu of instruct of bully Quan  stays peptide case family name Piao agrees Jiu caries  goes to crooked horsefly to mire type ducks  of the  that spend octogenarian runs quickly revise an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise mu celestial bodies Yao goes straight towards gauze of Fei of  of  of  of clear  look forward to to crack な of Kong Shi partridge goes straight towards Lai some, this capital can be controlled freely) .

4, conduction cycle is short: ?-6 of suddenly of Shi of Zhi of the anchor that stew month.

5, come-and-go of 15 countries freedom: Spoon is miscellaneous?5 of the apricot that admire ㄐ European Union country. (Holand, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portuguese, Luxembourg, Belgian, Greek, Italy, Denmark, Norwegian, Icelandic, Finland and Sweden) .

6, family is accompanied, children enjoys free education:
7, hold long and resident visa: 5Germany is obtained to counterpoise habitat till the cows come home after year (green card) , german citizenship can be joined after 8 years.

8, preferential: Mendelevium of miscellaneous Gua Huo crouchs be addicted to to make fun of?00 of snipe of type of ㄗ ⒉ Lin the type of company of share system of job responsibility of 10 thousand euro) , preferential enjoy 3 years of application to select green card (Germany is permanent dweller) prerogative, and rather than is common 5 years on the meaning, shortened greatly of green card expect time.

9. Emigrant: Miscellaneous instruct crouchs corrode hurry to wait for wood of closely question of line of  of deer of cough closely question  of Guang of Piao of  of ǎ of square Duo of evil spirit of Xin of brandish of Piao of young ∑ know well makes yo rude and unreasonable antrum smooth with a rake to protect   to make rich  of Yuan Yun of tip of  of Gui of  annulus correct makes  of ox of  of harmonious of barium of yo rude and unreasonable antrum smooth with a rake

10. Capital:  of close Yun deer spills? of plinth of clump of swan of type of beard of  of Cheng Piao gem

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