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Bay emigrant minister says bay the likelihood revises naturalization exam system
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Emigrant minister Yiwensi expresses Australia, the percent of pass that tries a system as a result of the naturalization take an examination ofing that executed last year is not tall, the government will undertake checkup to naturalization exam, make to this one policy likely revise in the round.

Newest data shows, from two years of October exam of a day of naturalization begins to carry out hind, share ten thousand six hundred and thirty-six people to take an examination, did not exceed 2 to become through the number, for 2311 people.

According to Australian naturalization the exam sets, any 18 years old want to acquire Australian citizenship to sexagenarian personage, must live legally in Australia full 4 years, and must take an exam through naturalization. Naturalization takes an exam to undertake on the computer, examination questions content involves Australian history, lifestyle, viewpoint of value to wait. Examinee needs to pay exam fee only, need not be restricted frequency ground to take an examination.

According to official tentative idea, great majority to take an examination person can pass an exam, current low percent of pass expects beyond apparently. Last year in November, australia realized political spell through general election, the individual that opposes naturalization examination originally and a few organizations want to take the opportunity make new government change relevant policy.

When Australia currently holds the post ofpremier Liu Kewen to regard opposition as cacique, ever stated support is in office the policy that the party takes an exam about executing naturalization, during its enter into an election contest, also did not regard main political program as policy of change naturalization exam. But practice naturalization examination time at that time before long, number of to take an examination is not much, its are low percent of pass still was not come out by general report.

Before Yi Wensi encourages the people that accords with naturalization qualification to be changed in policy, continue to attend naturalization to take an exam. He discloses, the government has translated the naturalization exam manual of English edition into a variety of characters, ask for freely for people.