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Quebec saves " medical treatment is sure to get stuck "
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The system of medical treatment insurance that a lot of people understand Wengehua and Toronto very much, chinese majority lives in these two places, very few person goes knowing the medical treatment institution that Quebec saves, below, the system that we are sure the medical treatment of Quebec is the same as everybody introduction.

Quebec saves " card of medical treatment insurance " also say " the sun gets stuck " , one calorie is in hand, see a doctor without care.

One, " the sun gets stuck " application

"The sun gets stuck " it is to enjoy Quebec to save " medical treatment is safe " specific reflect, accord with those who enjoy condition of medical treatment insurance is OK application " the sun gets stuck " .

Apply for first " the sun gets stuck " should offer " emigrant paper " with the passport, social insurance card, living proof, marriage certificate name, photograph. The full name that the person that hold card tags on card, sexual distinction, number that gives unripe date and letter are comprised, still have administrative code, date of expiration, sign. 14 years old the following or the personage of 75 years old of above does not need photograph and signature.

2, the person that hold card can enjoy following services:

Medical treatment is diagnosed, assay, operation and service of be in hospital

The person that alms is gotten can enjoy free prescription drug;

Alms gets eyesight optometry service of the person;

10 years old of the following children and the dentist that had gotten the person of alms of 6 months above serve. Operation of partial oral cavity, do not accept age restriction.

Offset the unit of body physical disabilities;

The device of eyesight physical disabilities;

Mastectomy operation or breast do not have the grand bosom operation of the woman of development completely;

Operation of permanent skeletal orthopaedic;

Quebec saves the service of congener medical treatment outside the condition;

But " the sun gets stuck " do not agree with psychological doctor, acupuncture, hairdressing, match glasses (include invisible glasses) , inject. In addition, "The sun gets stuck " also do not agree with health of driving licence, passport, insurance policy, to apply for a job proves or court, immigration office, administration, enter a school, or the constitution that wait or eyesight check the club.

3, whether can be Quebec enjoyed outside province condition " the sun gets stuck "

Quebec province dweller is short-term the iatrical that go abroad or gives a province to travel to still can enjoy Quebec to save is safe. The person that hold card can advance outside the condition medical treatment is expended, come back to submit an expense account next. The standard that submit an expense account is taken according to actual expenses and the ceiling that chief saves both in of lowest. The patient transport costs of ambulance, taxi or plane, the charge such as poison of doctor of the charge of private and companionate private hospital, expenses for medicine, psychology, hairdressing, anxious cake, acupuncture, give up all does not submit an expense account.
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