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Global a long-pending case decreases considerably, invest emigrant quota to jump
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The near future learns from Canadian federal immigration office: Each Canadian diplomatic and consular missions quicken working pace, up to now, global a long-pending case appeared considerably fall after a rise. And in the plan 2008, the immigration office adjusted quota of each category immigrant to count, number of investment immigrant quota will have relatively increase substantially. Newest data shows, according to give case country not to differentiate, india, Philippine, China, Pakistan and Iran remain an applicant to count most state. The application number that these a few country annulus await is respectively 167, 754, 71, 386, 62, 490, 53, 196 with 27, 596. Current, global a long-pending case is 641, 828, than the 800 thousand application 1 year ago number appears considerably fall after a rise, fall control for 20 % . Majority already gave the applicant of the case to feel speed is accelerated apparently, and emigrate the result that the official gives out more lean on the supportive sex file with objective and just overweight. According to what near future of Canadian emigrant ministry refers to congress the job planned 2008, canada of below one year receives emigrant gross to maintain the level 2007 basically, maintain in 240 thousand to 265 thousand between. But, the number scale of each categories appears to change certainly, what its median must notice is, invest emigrant quota from 2007 9, 000 to 11, on the foundation of 000 levels, raised 2000 quota of people. At the same time quota increases still have a province nomination project and live nurse project. New the emigrant category that roll out is " Canadian work experience kind " , its quota number achieves above of 10 thousand people. Canadian government hopes to pass this new project, can let Canada studies abroad experience or the personage of visa of hold Canada job becomes his the new blood of new nation, promote its socioeconomy development. Quebec invests emigrant respect, with number of in former years contrast can see, have before plan number was compared 2008 two years relatively substantially rise, quota number is 6000 to 7000 people, prep above the 5700 people 2007 and the 4761 people 2006. With digital photograph was compared 2006, 2007 and the biggest amplitude of quota was mixed for 12.4 % respectively 2008 20.4 % . Of environment of good in benefit policy drive, before 2007 10 months, quebec invests immigrant to applied for a record number to grow 10 % compared to the same period than 2006, achieve 2402.