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First what Chinese technology immigrant resides Australia to emigrate
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Yi Yun of Australia immigrant minister person (ChrisEvans) announced 2008 year to report recently " population flows: Immigrant forms " (Population Flows: Im-migration Aspects) . The report showed Australia each city and feudal emigrant origin and category, and abroad technology immigrant is the main factor that population added new administrative division last year, and a list of names posted up of emigrant amount lord it over that comes from China head.

2006-07 year, in number of Aussie mouth growth, have 56% profit from is abroad and emigrant. And the number with emigrant technology is to achieve a record more. Australia altogether admitted one hundred and forty-eight thousand two hundred immigrant last year, become since acting 1980 end, admit immigrant one year most, relatively 2005-2006 year increases 3.7% . The emigrant quota of predicting 2007-2008 year will reach one hundred and fifty-eight thousand eight hundred person.

2006-2007 year, australia was received in all 97, 920 technologies are emigrant, relatively on one year increases 0.6% . Touch bay in technical immigrant, 25% come from England, 16% come from India, 15% come from China, 4% come from south Africa, still 4% come from Philippine. This report still shows:

Aussie mouth in June 2007 bottom, achieve 21 million.

2006-2007 year, growth of 凈 of population of Australia this locality is one hundred and thirty-eight thousand one hundred person, emigrant 凈 grows one hundred and seventy-seven thousand six hundred person.

2006-2007 year, have more than 72 thousand person permanent leave Australia, the population amount that change gives achieves the history highest.

The year on Australia was lost 35, 196 skilled worker, but have 49, 523 technologies are emigrant.

2006-2007 year, have 50, 080 people, through domestic category immigrant comes bay. Basically come from England, China, India, Philippine with Vietnam.

China is new administrative division country of the biggest emigrant source

After giving stranger to count subtractive death number, 凈 added new administrative division last year 44, 332 people; And the emigrant 凈 growth of annual is amounted to 54, 891 people. The immigrant that comes from China is most, have 10, 039 people, it is India next (7388 people) , it is England subsequently (6461 people) , New Zealand (5242 people) and Korea (2367 people) .

Yi Yun person expresses, the technology emigrates and their domestic person is the biggest component with new abroad and emigrant administrative division, take the in part of emigrant gross. And resident last year in the technical immigrant of new administrative division, the platoon is advanced 5 profession is professional of accountant, computer respectively, register nurse, chef, building and project professional.

Besides the technical immigrant that holds half the number, the domestic category immigrant that has 31% , still having about 8% is according to Australian humanitarian the plan finds a place for new administrative division emigrates.
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