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On October 7 south Australia bay the life. Learn. Be in business large meet meet

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On October 7, 2008, bay state government holds south: South bay • of life • study is in business large propaganda will be in Beijing China a shindig hall holds old hotel. At the appointed time south before the official will be visited, Australian state government basically is gone to, to arrive of purpose south the personage that bay city life is in business undertakes introductory.

In view of bay border the immigrant with emigrant and long-term businesslike standard is dealt with, get south bay state government invites bay time company and company to be headed for of purpose south the client that bay city develops attends this second meeting. Because this second activity seat is finite, head for the friend that play to locate about beforehand ahead of schedule of purpose please. This second activity excuse me does not recieve the person that head for temporarily, respect forgive requesting an audience!

Time: On October 7, 2008 15: 00
Place: Chinese old hotel a shindig hall
Honoured guest books a hot line: 010-51697666 turns 106 116

Note: This second activity by south bay state government is sponsorred, final explanation authority returns south bay state government is all

Australia is a state that Australia has distinctive wonderful place south, be permeated with the Adelaide of full-bodied and artistic breath, the Fulindesi that has distinctive and primitive view mountain, the kangaroo island that condenses landscape of Australian mainland nature (Kangaroo Island) , etc, can give come here the tourist of sightseeing is brought experience and experience specially. The opal of together with beauty is twinkling to confuse the person's burnish, what grape beautiful wine sends out is full-bodied and balmy, can make person aftertaste profound, hard dismiss from one's mind.

[the position] the southeast ministry that is located in Australian mainland, big Australia bay is faced south (Great Australia Bight) . The land of above of this city half is ley, the land of 6.5% is mixed for national park by delimit wild animal groove guard.

[area] 984000 square kilometre, 12.8% what occupy countrywide gross area, reside the 3rd.

[population] great majority population lives in southern foreland, total population is 1.5 million person about, 8.2% what occupy countrywide population.

[metropolis] Adelaide (Adelaide) . Be located in Australian south, population is made an appointment with 1 million, city of the church that be called, the Athens of the Southern Hemisphere. Adelaide is a very young city, built 1836. What differ with other city is: At the outset here not be convict banish ground, however genuine emigrant city. Inchoate emigrant much is an Anglo-Saxon, afterwar Asian begin ingoing. The Victoria pattern that elegance sees inside city and Edward type construction reach the house of colony times. Still save up to now intact, the covered corridor that includes a construction even and iron make fine workmanship Yi Ran.

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