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2008 add bay investment land settlement policy is opener
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Australia is new on September 1 of land settlement policy carry out, add currency appreciates with bay money and card of the first batch of maple leaves of Canadian expires etc a series of incident, let the technology 2007 emigrates and invest emigrant market roiling on with full force; Change of main and emigrant country is not big, still center in the United States, Canada and Australia. But, main and emigrant country still is in " strife openly and secretly " , their main measure is to adopt modification land settlement policy, increase immigrant quota and accelerate cognizance cycle to wait. From this, is emigrant 2007 market particular appeared what change? Look into emigrant 2008 market, can you have He Qu power again?

Canadian exchange rate rises to increase quota next year

Professional personage introduces, emigrant this year upsurge does not decrease Canada, land settlement policy is compared go up year of more mature, stability. Item of each province nomination is more popular, plan to show according to the job of emigrant ministry, 2007 year add each to save nomination project (PNP) quota increases extent to be achieved basically 40% ; In April 2007, the Edward prince island that is suspended saves nomination project to be opened afresh to the applicant; And invest immigrant to go up federally in cognizance, application rate is accelerated apparently. And Quebec province invests emigrant standard to relax, chief saves an immigration office to enabled new document detailed list this year in July, new file detailed account more the actual condition that accords with domestic applicant, place requirement file also relatively want before simple, percent of pass of investment immigrant interview is taller also. Chief province immigration office sends emigrant official measure relatively par of in former years increases considerably 50% , accordingly, chief saves investment to try speed to rise somewhat. In the meantime, relatively comfortable cognizance standard also was adopted when interview; Federal technology immigrant examines and approve speed relatively slow, by began in September 2006, execute send newly " simple procedure " later, emigrate to the ministry treats the rate of the case and was not accelerated at present.

According to statistic of Canadian emigrant ministry, china already became Canada's biggest immigrant to export a nation, and because add money to appreciate considerably this year, emigrant Canada cost also rises tall. In the meantime, canadian immigrant applies for charge to rise more than 3 times, by last year 1050 add money to rise 3800 add money.

According to Canadian citizen and working report of emigrant ministry year, next year Canada will induct more new immigrant. Emigrant gross will amount to the target 240 thousand to 26. 50 thousand person, with last year 22. 50 thousand to 25. Photograph of number of target of 50 thousand person is compared, canadian emigrant ministry adds panel height this to amount to 10 thousand much person to the adjustment of emigrant amount, this is the last few years will induct emigrant target highest. In the meantime, according to emigrant department plan, did not come 10 years, new emigrant measure will increase further, raise the 1 % to Canadian total population, computation is annual and accordingly average add immigrant newly to be 320 thousand person about.
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