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Percent of pass of Chinese naturalization exam is as high as 95.9 %
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Can of China News Service is earthed up pull the statistical data that Yiwensi of Australian immigrant minister published report today on January 29 to make clear, executed last year " Australian citizen naturalization takes an exam " percent of pass is about 72% , after the course repeats an exam, those who have 93% " accurate citizen " pass an exam. The percent of pass of its China person is taller, for 95.9% .

Yi Wensi says, emigrant ministry will announce result of statistic of citizen naturalization exam regularly henceforth. Although to take an examination person great majority supports positive attitude to the exam, but confederative and emigrant ministry took an exam reexamine citizen naturalization April this year system, the experience since evaluate and always bearing fruit to take an exam all right.

Last year October carries out exam of Australian citizen naturalization. According to the regulation, the person that age interpose joins Australian citizenship to sexagenarian application at 18 years old must pass an exam.

Yi Wensi says, affirm the intention that naturalization takes an exam federally, but partial examination questions is impertinent. All sorts of culture that the immigrant that comes from more than 200 nations brings for Australia and tradition, make Australia becomes more rich and colorful. Solidarity is all the common bond of Australian person is franchise. Accordingly, naturalization exam title must appropriate, the rights and interests that the person that must be based on naturalization should know and obligation, must make citizens understand democratic true meaning, know use suffrage, the action of the function that knows a police, law. The purpose of system of exam of naturalization of citizen of governmental review a case makes it can produce effect truly namely.