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Wang East Asia: China new rich overseas markets reflect the internal and extern
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"Lifestyle diseases", "modern disease" Xieguo bustle with people for a living, nowhere to hide. One side is heavily polluted by chemical land, has also been developed as affordable housing, or even "Healthy demonstration area"; the other side, big city "after 80" young men made "egg" goes back, in a few square meters Easy DIY room against the difficult life. Of course, it was a lot of money in China, and then cool to pull up the trunk, to overseas to enjoy the blue sky. Recently, "the Economic Observer reported," depicts a group of reports that a "Chinese elite migration map." Since the reform and opening up has been the emergence of three waves of immigration. The late 70s with the bottom of the last century, mainly workers and students the last century, mainly of the late 90's two sets of waves of immigration is different from the main force of the third wave of immigrants is a new rich class and the intellectual elite, and in the new century (25.85, -0.25 , -0.96%) of the first 10 years were worse. Only one country, Canada, the past 10 years, 40 million Chinese to settle down. Reported that the overall situation of these migrants is probably the family assets of RMB 500 million yuan, the last century, was born 60 years to 70 years, it is difficult to achieve the required skilled migrants educational qualifications, English proficiency and professional experience, but with a certain economic strength, usually have their own business or as the company's management. In addition, there are getting younger and younger in recent years, "Fu II", "the official second-generation" is gradually increasing. Why are more and more new rich choose to go to a foreign country? Because foreign sparsely populated more livable? Good old-age benefits or medical treatment? And then, or prestigious universities more freedom and more advanced education? These factors should have, but otherwise, I am afraid there is a critical factor, that is for their own safety factor of wealth looking for a top cabinet. Bring the rich immigrants are a small part of a "bare official" the families. At first "official naked" was a new word, and now in some places into the batch transfer, had a few. Even the most stupid corrupt officials have always wanted to be in your own way out, as early as possible to the wife and kids can quickly move abroad, your stay will be a lot less fetters day ticket to see the situation does not slip, but also smart and competent of the foreign countries that "home" operation into a money-laundering hub for shady money transfer by so what can openly show people. Although the immigrant groups, the way black people not get the gray scale is too large, but has been exposed out of the very scary, Lan Fu, Xu Guojun, Luo Qingchang, etc., the Deputy Mayor, Governor of the Bank, there are state-owned veterans, corruption Transfer wealth frequently do. There is also carrying a handful of the rich immigrant groups is the black heart of business, the use of a sum of the illegal dealings fishing, leave the territory. Of course, not all the money moved out unsolicited, and more people do not want to touch high-voltage law. The cost of the investment threshold of immigrants is at least several million dollars, ten million yuan level to infer that the majority of overseas immigrants to bring the rich is growing in China, the rise of new wealth class. In recent years, probably also know that wealthy foreign and overseas migration has increased the demand is strong, clear the one hand, restrictions on immigration of foreign rich, on the other hand improved several times by the applicant the total amount of investment and asset requirements. Just this month, Canada will enforce the immigration Deal of the applicant's net assets from the past 80 million Canadian dollars to 160 million Canadian dollars (about 10.54 million yuan.) Think about it, thousands of people each with tens of millions of assets, which is how the wealth of a river, but unfortunately is out of the stream. Interestingly, to do immigration consulting industry sources, over the years like rich people emigrated are two main sources of wealth, the first wave is play the stock market, the most recent wave is a real estate promoter. Moment, the myth of overnight riches legend is no longer a growing number of elderly and young people seem to feel at ease to get rich has passed, not speculation is not rich, very rich feast, sauté a small rich, you can play the stock market , real estate sub, fried cotton, fried garlic, speculation is the rich to stay. No matter what industry, the owner of origins, have abandoned industrial 盖楼 competing to buy land. The consequences of speculation is to give urgent restructuring of the Chinese economy has brought great uncertainty, but can not measure the bubble is expanding. Meanwhile, behind the shock of the market, some illegal money deals in the manufacture of a great social injustice, to the market turmoil hidden buried deeper. A wealth of shrewd businessman always wanted a more secure safe place to go. If it happens to catch the wave of speculation in the previous earned a pours, it will probably rest and wait a while. Some aspects of the domestic social and economic situation of uncertainty, coupled with the mentality of some imbalance, resulting in a lot of people worry, some people think that to foreign investment projects, home ownership, retirement will be more secure, comprehensive benefits Immigrants boost the new rich tide. From this perspective, the new wave of immigration is a rich overseas Chinese market, "internal and external problems" of a performance. Within the legal system is imperfect, can not provide enough open and fair market environment, the rise of speculation in the wind brings new instability, exacerbated by fears. Meanwhile, a combination of factors in the attractiveness of overseas markets with China on market competition, more and more developed countries, draw lessons from the global financial crisis, very welcome Chinese enterprises to local manufacturing investment, this investment from the countries have to remove barriers to Chinese immigrants can be seen. So, what countermeasures in China? Both deal with "internal problems" or "foreign aggression" can be unified, that is, the rule of law to establish a more market environment, provide a more stable market order.