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Mainland immigrants integrate into American society and the bottom level
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Last half century "superpower" status that many Chinese immigrants in the United States as the target country. So far, American has reached 400 million, the total U.S. population of more than 1%, but according to the latest report, the domestic To the low level of integration of immigrants into American society. Five hundred dollars per month to help people walk the dog Guangzhou, a famous person in charge of immigration agency, said Yang Xiaoping, the PRD emigrated to the U.S. by way of family reunion, a large proportion, has in North America Chinatown, Cantonese is still the universal language. According to him, the two Months ago a small business owners understand the Guangzhou for 15 years, Zhang was finally approved an application for family reunion migrants and the United States, then aged nearly 50 years old, he is very comfortable life in Guangzhou, a house and a car. "He come to me to consult their own What to do in the United States earn a living, "" I am still just a job suitable for him, walk the dog for the rich, "he said, walking the dog in the United States restricted to the price of 500 dollars a month, if 6 customers found , Can get 3000 dollars a month. Not only for the children of immigrants moved to save the education costs Open in Guangzhou, a medium-sized supermarket chains Huang (a pseudonym) is the way to the dissatisfaction of the education, he early sent to the United States will be young daughter in elementary school, but no local identity can only read the private elite schools, Tuition fees only to be a year down nearly 2 million U.S. dollars. Later in the mediation referral, he selected from the EB5 Immigrant Investor program, a turkey processing project investment of 50 million dollars, "calculated that the economic accounts, the child if there is no American identity, The next ten years studying only the tuition but also two or three million. " 8 months later approved the following year he transferred to public school children. But Huang's cause is still rising period, the couple remained in Guangzhou, most of the time to take care of the supermarket business, "two or three times a year to fly the United States, first to see women Children, followed by the United States is also a need to apply for full residency green card, as a holiday. " Chinese immigrants integrate into American society ranked only seventh in the composite index End of 2009, Manhattan Institute Professor at Duke University released a new report Victor, immigrated to the U.S. in the 10 major countries and regions, the integration of immigrants from mainland China integrated American society Index ranked only seventh in the world rankings are more in the downstream. Analysts believe that the integration of immigrants is low in Mainland China, from the perspective of language and culture, historical reasons. The degree of economic integration into the reference level of education, income, occupation, employee status and other factors, but also closely linked with the language and culture Off. With the growth of second-generation immigrants, and the stability of the first generation of immigrants began to care about the life of American society, I believe that mainland China will increase the degree of integration of immigrants into the United States.