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Canadian Experience Class immigration of Chinese citizens into the main way to
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Canadian immigrants from the territory of the rise, indicating the Department of Immigration has been encouraged to study abroad or worked in Canada to apply for becoming an effective immigration policy, immigration, or by investing in the work of the first sub-immigrant students, who may be the next China, emigrated to Canada The main way. Used for many years the federal skilled immigration category (federal skilled worker program) was intended to recruit much-needed Canadian industry professionals, but its drawbacks than obvious, as the application process was very time consuming, impossible to predict when the immigrants landed, the industry is manpower still shortages; the same time, the category belongs to the federal level, it is difficult to ensure that migrants will settle in real need of such talent in the region. In comparison, directly encouraged to study or work experience in Canada, has been integrated into the community who filed immigration applications from local, more practical significance. Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. Beijing Jakarta abroad Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. Beijing Jakarta abroad (www.pacificimmi.com) is the largest, most powerful international immigration consulting firm, the company has been established more than 10 years to get the support of community friends, the first in 2002 Ministry of Public Security issued by the private immigration qualifications. Has a network of global integration of immigrants. As the first Chinese immigrants to enter the international service market, Pacific Jakarta immigrants with more than ten years experience in immigration services, senior foreign expert advisory team and a strong partner, strong guarantee visas to the Chinese customers with high success rate. The first "full immigration services system", leading the development of the industry, with strong foreign resources, provide follow-up service, so you have no worry, immigrant life easier!