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Canada invested major key of land settlement policy to rectify in September
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Learned from Quebec immigration office recently, the heavy major key that Quebec government announced to emigrant to concerning investment project applies for on July 30 is whole, new orders plans to be in 45 days (on September 15) inside get approving. Accordingly, expectant application effective date is at the beginning of October, and official date will announce 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Adjust content to be as follows:

1) emigrant official does not need interview applicant to make final verdict likely;

The asset of 2) spouse will be calculated inside the financing source; that; will consider a spouse

3) will admit to donate and accede asset is calculated into net assets inside, but these asset must be to handing over at least 6 months before application to obtain; before

4) management experience will be the; that the past obtains every time

Old laws and regulations: The applicant has working experience of 3 years in going 10 years

Full-time managing is opposite before 5) cancels the requirement; of experience

6) will ask the applicant proves a company no longer but profitability.

Emigrant expert thinks, be being adjusted this is active, relaxed application condition of the applicant, the success that will add an applicant to apply for Quebec investment to emigrate greatly is led; To those is in the company assumes the applicant of middle-level management is more advantageous. New application requirement is undoubted to those professional personages, if lawyer, doctor, architect opened wide application gate etc.

Immigrant of Canadian Quebec investment applies for a condition to relax with simplify to be opposite undoubtedly the applicant that applies for Quebec to invest immigrant of purpose offerred better application opportunity, carry the message that the investment that arrive may change before, in be being adjusted here, also did not allude. Quebec invests the good chance of emigrant application to be before, not allow to miss! Choose the emigrant intermediary orgnaization of a major, sincere letter, will be the safeguard that you succeed on emigrant application road.