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The United States: The spouse applies for emigrant need to refer marriage to pro
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Mr Wang of san Francisco feels very indissoluble, he lived in the wife of chinese mainland to submit the application of I-130 for him, so that she can be emigrant,go to the United States. I-130 has been approved, national visa (National Visa Center) the center processed application and send Guangzhou consulate. Interview goes before the wife of 5 gentlemen, but after consular official asked her a few questions, gave out a requisition, clarify visa is rejected. Doesn't Mr Wang know why does meeting refus sign consulate?

Emigrant lawyer expresses, afore-mentioned circumstance is in actual in often happen. Consulate rejects visa application, basically be the existence that they think party marriage concerns, just emigrate to escape law. In other words, emigrant official thinks, the marriage with Mr Wang and his wife true neither one concerns. A few couples apply for emigrant United States, submit I-130 form only, did not refer more data evidence to prove their marriage is honesty (sheet of Zhang of for example photo, phone shows each other between communicate, the letter that sends each other and greeting card, or it is airline ticket shows mutual contact to wait) . And all the time when they arrive when consulate interview, just carry a few data, not be best method so, because consulate official does not have time,consult all data.

When submitting I-130 form, the applicant should hand in a few data to prove their marriage is true and effective ahead of schedule. Such, when application data sends consulate the official, the official has looked to show the data evidence that go up, can decrease or give up their suspicion to marital authenticity.

In the example of afore-mentioned Mr Wang gentlemen, consulate will mix application record withdrawal to American citizen emigrant service bureau (USCIS) , suggest the immigration office cancels the approve to I-130. The immigration office is met again the approve that whether case of examine and verify cancels I-130 with the decision, also meet announcement applicant at the same time. If the immigration office does not cancel I-130, they can send consulate application case again and arrange other interview.

Another choice is to offer brand-new application. Before handing over I-130 to apply for, ensure oneself referred very enough data to be able to prove oneself marriage. Such, when the case arrives at consulate to arrange interview, application case is easier by approve.