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See 165 immigrant visa from Chinese stock market
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See a city assure first investment is emigrant (face house visa category 165 kinds of) , investment public figure (assure) the applicant must accord with the following requirement:

• is offerred about each state government by Australia assure;

• has a success be in business or invest setting;

• has the administrative company of 3 years of above or investment experience at least;

• came mediumly 5 years in the past rare a year:

Him management invests the enterprise of not less than 10% share;

Or manage oneself not less than 750 thousand bay yuan investment;

Net assets of the individual in before • is applying for two years at least 1.125 million bay yuan asset;

• is in appoint the investment on the project 750 thousand bay yuan, by a definite date 4 years;

• age is 55 years old the following;

2007, chinese stock market experienced to grow " of long " ox city, as a result of the driving expression of Chinese stock market, whole world is looked at with new eyes to Chinese stock market for this! Many clever stock players won rich and generous get one's own back from which.

Enter since 2008, stock " male city " the whole world, a lot of shareholders are killed by its! But, these clever players may not know great majority, they are killed in the wrestle of Chinese stock market, want to carrying corresponding record keeps in doing only, can say almost, even if is very common stock investment redound, should have enough fund only frying ceaselessly do, make them likely organic can gain opportunity of Australian investment immigrant almost! If you exceeded 750 thousand in the operation on Chinese stock market last year bay yuan share amount () of above of about 4.5 million RMB, so please as soon as possible the investment immigrant expert of contact bay border, probably we can help you invest emigrant Australia successfully!

Generally speaking, people thinks generally, should apply for Australian commerce to invest immigrant to must have be in business for a long time experience. Do not have to those from business experience, only major invests the professional personage of experience, if full-time is engaged in stock, futures, foreign currency and the personage that estate invests,the likelihood cannot apply for Australia business migration.

This one view has the reason that comparative, but endless also and accurate! Door of technical secondary school of category of commercial technology visa opened "-165 of passageway of green of a " to invest immigrant visa category for this kind of personage, by a definite date 4 years, before obtaining 165 visa, this kind of applicant can have his company, also can do not have oneself company, can hold a post in the company, also need not hold a post in oneself company. . . Anyhow, they can invest technically pursue estate, stockjobbing, futures buying and selling and foreign currency investment.
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