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Australia naturalization brief introduction
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When application joins Australian citizenship, must accord with the following condition:

As Australia permanent resident;

With Australia permanent resident identity is in accumulated inside 5 years in the past full 2 years, and accumulate inside 2 years before applying for naturalization full a year;

Can compose a quarrel understands basic English, the applicant must attend interview, meantime must speak the obligation of Australian citizen and right with English;

Understand the obligation of Australian citizen and right, immigration office of the Australia before application will offer concerned English data to offer recital;

Behavior is good;

The plan lives in Australia or maintain affinity with Australia.

18 years old of the following children can include in parents the naturalization of any one party applies for in, need not accord with living requirement.

Application process:

Hand over application form, application to expend (it is now 120 bay yuan) with concerned individual data;

Attend interview;

Naturalization celebration announcement will be received inside 3 months, before holding 3 weeks of day normally;

Naturalization celebration is held by local government organization in congress hall or municipal building normally, celebration is simple and grand, undertake in friendly atmosphere, in celebration, can collective Australia naturalization makes a pledge, issue Australian citizen card and souvenir, include to be in father / maternal application is 16 medium years old of the following children are differ should attend naturalization ceremony surely, they but with father / the mother becomes Australian citizen at the same time.