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The communication of Malta and contact
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Cent is the world's unified earth 24. Thing hemisphere occupies 12 each. Malta and China are in the Eastern hemisphere likewise, malta is in east one area, time zone is used 1 will express, chinese Beijing is in east 8 areas, time zone is used 8 will express. So the geographical time difference of two countries is 7 hours. But use daylight saving time as a result of Malta, be in so annual on March 31, all time of Malta dial 1 hour ahead, it is in the evening so at 12 o'clock, become in the morning at 1 o'clock. Such word Malta needs 6 hours with China. In of the same age October, end daylight saving time, when returning to normal 7 hours poor. It is the left and right sides came on March 31 so the friend of Malta, always must note the official time of the airport, because change,do not want time difference by accident flight.

With connection method of home

The method that contacts with home is very much, most commonly used and direct is to call. Call from home need 8 yuan one minute, hit from Malta more expensive, the price is in about 40-50 yuan RMB a minute. But Malta is one-way collect fees, that is to say when home hits you, you do not need to pay. Such word, home needs to buy a few cheap Ip to get stuck only, can call to you.

Write a letter: This is very primitive method, but as a result of its special situation and meaning, still be being withheld up to now. Send a letter to Malta to need the time of a week from China, send China to need the time of 2 weeks about from Malta. Express delivery needs 3-4 day, its price also does not poor.

Network: Can pass email, and QQ, MSN Messenger, a few instant communication such as Yahoo Messenger are contacted in software and home.

Network phone: This is more popular now communication way, low-cost, the result is right. Need to be on the net only, or family friend of home helps you buy Zhang date to go. Have different par value, from 50-500 yuan the RMB differs. Make domestic telephone call, the price goes to 0.4 yuan in 0.3 yuan minutely differ. A lot of telegraphic companies begin this kind of professional work.

Malta appears again now the network phone of a kind of letter gets stuck, hit Chinese price to be in about 1 yuan of money are controlled one minute.