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Australia: New Zealand is emigrant and daily over- 100 attract an Englishman ene
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Bureau of New Zealand statistic expresses, inside 12 months that reach to stopped on March 31 this year, the New Zealander immigrant that has more than 100 everyday comes Australia, the reason is Australia is artificial taller; In the meantime, south bay the government expresses, carrying out effective emigrant plan to attract pommy.

" astral island daily " overseas edition message, bureau of New Zealand statistic says 21 days, arrive from March 31, 2007 during March 31, 2008, have person of 38738 New Zealand book permanent immigrant settles toward Australia, this is the maximum number since 2001. Be like the number of New Zealand of subtractive Australia circumfluence, criterion afore-mentioned net prediction of a person's luck in a given year during are 30219 people. The net number that New Zealand emigrates by world each district inside these 12 months is 4678 people, 2006/07 year is 12081 people.

The immigrant that comes from England still most, this kind of circumstance by lasted 2005 up to now. Afore-mentioned during 6894 Englishmans emigrate New Zealand, but the corresponding period had 10235 people last year. The emigrant number that comes from India occupies the 2nd, have 4159 people, 06/07 year have 2536 people. The 3rd is to come from Philippine immigrant, amount to 3262 people, to going up year 2714 people. Those who come from Fiji have 2500 people, those who come from south Africa have 2100 people. Those who come from China have 1900 people, from 1996 to 2004, china is ground of the biggest emigrant source.

Because a large number of immigrant head for Australia and opposition criticizes the government of the Labour Party that currently hold the post of, show weighing a consideration is Australian artificial taller.

In the meantime, south bay the government expresses to carrying out a plan to attract English immigrant to reach city of A Delai heart. South bay travel office grows Luo Man silk - Smith (JANE LOMAX-SMITH) expressed in London recently, "Hello! Adeleide " the strong interest that plans to already caused England. This plan tries to await disaster through reminding Londoner the traffic issue of this metropolis city is amiable.

A city already was labelled the 3rd town that suits to live most greatly, one year in have 300 days of sun bright, average temperature is 16 Celsius. In addition, mining industry and power natural resources are in world peak level, a lot of technical the job can offer obtain employment opportunity for pommy. Pommy already was become south bay ground of the first emigrant origin, 2006 to the immigrant between 2007 south bay permanent resident has 1/4 to come from England.