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Emigrant quota allocates Chinese of unjust United States to be about to pass leg
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News of network of Chinese live abroad: According to the United States " bright newspaper " report, the United States is emigrant in April the disturbance that discharges period watch lasts all the time up to now, a lot of foreign citizen of Chinese origin emigrate to the immigration office in the profession the applicant that India of the deflection on platoon period problem is born this one practice, feel intense dissatisfaction. Current, immigrant of a lot of foreign citizen of Chinese origin that are in the beauty join lawful and emigrant consortium in succession (Legal Immigrant Association, LIA) , unanimous decision indicates stance of make a stand against through legal suit action.

The emigrant April platoon that American the State Council announces period watch, this quarter not gone profession emigrates the 2nd kind preferential (the applicant that full shift gave EB2) quota of people to come from India to be born, the EB2 applicant that causes India to be born platoon period advances substantially, and platoon period is in large quantities of applicants that China is born place is not moved. This course of action of the State Council causes the intense dissatisfaction of applicant of a lot of foreign citizen of Chinese origin, think the practice of the State Council contains bias, violated emigrant diversity principle, sacrificed the legal interest of a lot of China applicant.

As emigrant platoon period watch is announced what already had half moon is long, but the mood with malcontent immigrant of foreign citizen of Chinese origin calms hard all the time however. The lawful and emigrant association that with foreign citizen of Chinese origin immigrant gives priority to, get after immigrant discharged period watch incident to happen in April emigrant applicant joins more foreign citizen of Chinese origin, decide collective shows the voice of make a stand against to the State Council. At present this association expresses, pass what chime meets each member to discuss, unanimous decision fills in collective lawsuit book, consider the name with partial individual at the same time at the same time to lodge a complaint, the hope can borrow this act to freeze the EB2 quota of people April in time.

Represent and express of this association, association has consulted professional lawyer with respect to collective lawsuit be related, be informed had changed the established condition April very hard, even if wins victory on the collective lawsuit battle of prolonged, redeem hard as before in April the loss on EB2 quota of people, but to indicate the stance of Chinese solidarity make a stand against, association member decides consistently to take legal step. In the meantime, also hope to lend this lawsuit, mix immigration office and the State Council in transfer of quota of people platoon period operates vitrification, this also is the struggling goal with long-term association, for the Chinese immigrant strives for due rights and interests. Besides, lawful and emigrant association still will begin complete beauty at the near future the go canvassing offensive that immigrant discharged period watch in April is aimed at inside limits, will start a member to ten numerous, assemblyman that join two courtyards the office is petitionary, it is in order to find out with the unjust parallel that finds out the State Council.
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