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Canada plans to edit each province nomination plans today autumn enlarge limitat
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Emigrant ministry will be opposite Canadian federal active each province business migration plans to undertake editing, whether must the investment amount that content involves business migration, province that they live in Canada and they attend the management that invests an enterprise to wait for a respect. And the business migration after editing omits nomination plan, on formal on September 2 this year go into effect. Emigrant expert suggests, the personage that has fun at to business migration should make a decision as soon as possible, because of the autumn later, the business migration plan of each province can add likely more limitative conditions. Canadian constitution newspaper points out, this is confederative and emigrant ministry since 1998, save active business migration nomination to plan to undertake editing each to imposing a state first. Be aimed at the flaw that adds a country to save active business migration nomination to plan a presence each, confederative and emigrant ministry already asked each province is in the following 3 respects undertake editing, include:

The first, applicant of requirement business migration is after immigrant, or it is to be after the capital with invested fixed, must take an active part in the management that its invest an enterprise.

The 2nd, increase the investment amount of business migration, ask to invest immigrant to must be held invest an enterprise to hold the share of 33.33% somewhat.

The 3rd, the emigrant office that business migration applicant wants to carry emigrant paper to be saved to this personally after touching Canada reports for duty.

To this, emigrant expert reminds all is opposite business migration saves nomination to plan the personage that have fun at, make a decision as soon as possible, so that overtake last bus. Because once the applicant is inOn September 2The nomination of Canadian some province is won before, will not get the influence of new precedent. In 10 province of Canada and area, the other province except province of A Erbai tower all activate business migration saves nomination to plan. Among them, because Quebec saves emigrant hall to be in,go all the time ceaselessly recruit is abroad and emigrant the enterprise that invests place, so, its are raising money investment fund respect, be far ahead at other each province. As to each province business migration nomination plans to basically involve the following aspects to the applicant's requirement, include: Level of amount of total of experience of the age, record of formal schooling, work, net assets, investment, English and get used to ability to wait. Because different province is right,investment amount of the applicant has diverse demand, and difference is bigger, the government that adds some province not to importune an applicant to must participate in its place to invest an enterprise after immigrant and must live in place, bring about many applicants to get the chance of policy thereby. For example, after some of applicant gets emigrant status in successful ground, head for this province to settle far from, turn and settle saves the province that waits for emigrant inhabit a region at installing poem of province, low.
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