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Bay will continue to induct immigrant 300 thousand achieve 60 years of summits

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Ai Yun of Australian immigrant minister this (CHRIS EVANS) says, if do not introduce more technical immigrant, australia economy cannot continue to grow.

Senatorial Ai Yun this warn aging of population and technical shortage problem yesterday, a series of industries cannot discover enough skilled worker goes promoting business development. He points out, this is a kind of driving demand, we will satisfy this kind of requirement, enhance the technical ability of native person not only, ensure Australia has the service outside enough technology even. We will increase in education to reform the huge investment of the domain, but reality is Australia aging of population, if do not have immigrant, the labour market that cannot keep us.

Plan to adjust according to the immigrant of this Zhou Xuan 佈 , australia introduces remarkable promotion emigrantly the number, especially those people that have necessary technical ability, include one hundred and ninety thousand three hundred permanent immigrant, front courtyard of fifty-six thousand five hundred a person of academic or artistic distinction is emigrant, about 50 thousand temporarily the technology is emigrant, overall and emigrant number exceeds 300 thousand. This is acting 1940 emigrant plan after rolling out, most substantially year grows.

Moxa Yun Si expresses, last year is the labour force amplitude of the fatigue outside be being inputted first, exceed the number of Aussie new obtain employment. Current, australia economy growth gets actual inhibition, because we do not have enough worker. The technology that grows province is vacant and serious, the challenge of existence is, will emigrant Australia person introduce the area that has the job, do not think they flock and enter Sydney, head for elder brother however province, on the west bay and south bay, be opposite over there the demand of skilled worker is driving.

For the student that emigrates to wanting so, australia still is optimal choice in the near future, governmental support, social circumstance, economic requirement decided Australia needs more immigrant to participate in its to build, and say natively to wide university, through the way that study abroad final emigrant Australia can say the safest, the safest path.

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