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Why to want naturalization
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Why to want naturalization, this may be the question that each immigrant should ask, the citizen becomes to enjoy as different as permanent resident right obligation after naturalization specific what be, take Australia citizenship to have what advantage again, the article will give you the answer.

The obligation of Australian citizen:

Abide by law and the responsibility that use up Australian citizen;

Register constituency polls with what join federal and national vote;

If by pitch on, must hold the position of juror;

If have need, must guard Australia.

The right of Australian citizen:

The right is elected civilian in order to help election Australia government;

The right applies for government service or nomination to be parliament member;

The right applies for Australian passport, visa of beardless application dweller going there and back can leave with return Australia;

When having right overseas, to Australia embassy seeks asylum;

Can filing team of pace of enrollment national defence and requirement must be the governmental job of Australian citizen;

The child that the right registers you are 18 years old of the following overseas to be born makes Australian citizen with handed from the master directly.

heavy / multiple citizenship:

If the country before false if allows, the citizenship before its still can be withheld after immigrant becomes Australian citizen;

A lot of photographs are heavy / multiple citizenship person the passport that hold exceeds a country, but, australian citizen should use custom of Australia of pass in and out of its Australia passport.

The statistical data of 20 centuries end shows, naturalization Australia person main source country

England 13, 529 Philippine 2, 606

China 10, 947 Yugoslavia 2, 465

New Zealand 6, 320 Persia Buddhist nun inferior 1, 841

Vietnam 3, 083 sri lanka 1, 707

India 2, 695 Iraq 1, 698

If Australian citizen wants to go abroad to travel or visit his family, the passport that can be in Australian place does thing hall to apply Australian passport, procedure is very simple, simply issue card of identification, citizen, photograph and application fee can, normally one, two days can be gotten.

Australian passport hold person major on the world nation all avoids visa, include developed country and the developing country such as Europe of the United States, Canada, Western Europe, north, meridional, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, southeast Asia, Korea, South America, Africa, middle east, India, to searching the worker, person that start business chance or travel lover in above country of purpose, australian passport is undoubtedly had better be used on the world and most get one of valued passports.