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Think emigrant Australia wants to clutch nearly half new immigrant or be forced
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News3 reports 5 days month, to alleviate the shortage of labour force, bay state government can enforce every year possibly in the future the new immigrant of close half goes to remote region settling.

Be in short supply to solve the technical personnel that at present the country appears as soon as possible, the government is considering to go with new immigrant court of a few backward districts is less than fill the worker's problem. Because can have the new immigrant of 140 thousand every year probably,enter Australia.

The government is making 2009-10 land settlement policy at present, predict to be able to send a parliament to undertake examination April. In this report, a measure may force the new immigrant of at least 45% to go population is not worth the area of 350 thousand to settle.

The comment points out, such policy lacks active management at present, newcome immigrant may not buy governmental account book.

Immigration office spokesman rejects to publish a comment with respect to this matter. But go up in senatorial conference this month, senatorial Evans says, the government is encouraging people to go a few owe develop the area does poineering work and obtain employment. This is a challenge that shows a government to be faced with,
How to attract people to go to those places namely obtain employment and how old they are attracted on degree.

Current, owe the area that develop to enacting their a few measure, encourage people to work two years at least above.