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Report: The European Union accelerates economic integration to develop more book
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According to coverage of network of Spanish Europe billow, immigrant is endless to the action of each countries and influence identical, to the society development has positive one side already, have negative effect again. For instance, to output country population emigrates outwards can reduce population pressure to be able to earn again collect, but the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that may cause a talented person; And it is emigrant and OK that the butt joint suffers for the country solve labour force to be in short supply, drive economic progress, but the conflict that also can bring politics, society and culture to go up. The European Union formed the basis of European Union land settlement policy in the contradiction on immigrant, the improvement that restricted European Union land settlement policy greatly again and carry out. A lot of countries of European face the choice of fundamental key of land settlement policy.

The population deficit problem that a report says to a new emigrant tide solves European birthrate to drop to be brought with aging of population likely, make through quota absorb a labor to induct a skilled personnel, will be henceforth the direction of European land settlement policy. The fact that does not dispute is, europe more and more economy is emigrant, investigation shows, european labour force will come 2010 decrease between 2030 20 million. Current, amount of immigrant of European Union economy already exceeded 2 million, hold number of European Union total labour force about 4% the left and right sides.

Additional, because cold war ends and the relation of European Union and United States produced very big change, economic competition aggravate, pounded the tall welfare system of the European Union and economic structure greatly, weakened competition ability of European Union economy thereby. Swarm into emigrantly in great quantities, it is to bring about their unemployed main reason it seems that, perhaps say, appear in European Union each country public opinion of such a kind of society: Of high unemployment rate and immigrant a large number of swarming into concern directly.

Actually, this is both between having very complex concern. Enter emigrantly in the become acute on certain level the obtain employment of labour force competes, but they do not have the ability that competes with this locality labour force and requirement, often be in brim position on the labour market, and still develop a few new obtain employment opportunities, offerred a few new obtain employment opportunities for native. But, swarm into the development that also promoted subterranean economy emigrantly in great quantities. Many immigrant are to cross an European Union secretly, they are in live illegally condition, recumbent profitable life of dozen of black worker worker, formed market of a black labor gradually, right in this market of the worker exploit, exceed requirement of strong labor, work to wait for a problem badly, already infringe the law of European Union each country, have again be contrary to the social culture value at European Union each country, brought about the social criticism to immigrant and dissatisfaction.
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