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Canada is comprehensive to nomination immigrant project normative policy clarity
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Disclose according to the expert, on March 8, emigrant branch announced Canadian federal to save nomination each to Canada (PNP) adjust a plan of project policy considerably, each province after revising nominates (PNP) the requirement of examine and verify of the project is further standard, financing invests means to will not be approved.

Canada invests kind of immigrant to include 3 kinds of big immigrant, the first kind invests immigrant for Canadian federal, for Quebec the province invests immigrant the 2nd kind, the 3rd kind saves nomination project each for Canada (PNP) . Before two kinds belong to passive investment, need not manage a government sector to assure without venture capital investment, one pace reachs the designated position take green card. Province nomination project (PNP) basically be with active investment management enterprise is a purpose, assume commercial risk, must live on the spot in place management business.

This new plan that is about to implement formally on September 2 this year nominates to the province (PNP) the investment standard of the project basically is like below 4 respects:

Clause one, the enterprise that applicant must take an active part in his to invest or the business management of enterprise that establish.

Policy unscrambles: Mean applicant to want true the management that assumes investment company works, active and active share the management with day-to-day business, and be opposite of applicant live on the spot had strict restriction.

Clause 2, the province that invests capital to must invest nomination, is not to invest those to be the project of the purpose in order to gain investment income to go up, for instance accrual, share out bonus is mixed capital gains.

Policy unscrambles: According to above clause, every involves financing to invest the entrepreneur immigrant of means to apply for, rise from September 2, 2008 will no longer by Canada federally sectional place is approbated. Although applicant is examined and approve through PNP project,meet likely also by Canada federally sectional refus autograph.

Clause 3, the enterprise that applicant invests to had been built must. A holds the company share of 1/3 or 1/3 above, or; B investment is at least 1 million add money;

Policy unscrambles: This provision increased to invest a requirement, and made clear applicant assume commercial risk of one's own accord.

Clause 4, applicant cannot include to expire in the contract provision of investment company repay the requirement that invests a money.

Policy unscrambles: This clause makes clear applicant to must assume commerce actively to invest a risk. And the Canada before this federally the branch nominates to the province (PNP) project general from without specific legislation standard clausal limitation turns to be able to be depended on to have a way.

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