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Aid immigrant of obtain employment Canada to blend in a plan to obtain federally
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In report occupied new network on March 23 Canada " bright newspaper " report, allocate funds at the beginning of last year federally open, to abroad technology immigrant is offerred those who reach obtain employment preparation suit before supporting port " Canadian immigrant blends in a plan " (Canadian Immigration Integration Project(CIIP) , obtained on March 21 federally infuse 3.8 million yuan new allocate funds, your plan can continue to come 2010.

CIIP plan is reached in Chinese Guangzhou, India at present Philippine set the office, in the silent of CIIP plan manager of press conference of 21 sunrise banquet (Katrina Murray) points out, the technology that inspect has a lot of preparation to add at Shanghai and Beijing is emigrant, not long ago, CIIP already began to send a person to head for Shanghai and Beijing from Guangzhou, to local technology immigrant is offerred about after supporting port, suit reach apply for a job the information of need.

Emigrant minister Fan Yin beautiful (Diane Finley)21 day is in in live abroad announces this alignment adds what new immigrant has great help to allocate funds fully. Fan Yin beautiful say, canada hopes to induct immigrant more not only, more after thinking immigrant supports port whether the responsibility that successful obtain employment is a government, at the outset open CIIP, it is to make the technology that preparation will come to add emigrant, before arrival, already can receive reach the most in time correct, what have fun at about Canadian society and technical immigrant is professional, abroad record of formal schooling and job experience the information such as attestation program, assist them to be able to blend in this locality society to port hind.

In silent of CIIP plan manager (Katrina Murray) points out, this plan already was in China Guangzhou, Philippine reach India to set the office, in January 2007 up to now, allow technical immigrant to offer for 2300 in all suit in Canadian obtain employment wait for information, among them the object of 55% services comes from Philippine, 29% come from India, 17% come from China, the 90% targets that ever accepted a service, all give high opinion to the help of CIIP, the information that thinks CIIP place is offerred, among each material that yields their Ke Conghao to vast, choose takes them to need most.

Say in silent, had federally new allocate funds, she hopes from uptodate to the end of the year, can assist immigrant of 2000 accurate technologies.