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Organization of san Francisco immigrant sighs city seat of government does not d
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By 14 community organization and legal orgnaization comprise " immigration laws law of san Francisco city and educational network " the delegate was on April 16 before door of seat of government of san Francisco city assembly, appeal immigrant pays close attention to oneself rights and interests, hope city seat of government does not reduce resource of emigrant rights and interests.

"Parents supports public school " Cai Yun sound is exhibited to point out outside community, element has the say san Francisco of emigrant shelter city to have the immigrant that exceeds 1/3, the convenience kind that immigrant also should provide to government and community orgnaization is added use. Immigration laws law of san Francisco city and educational network should get more of city seat of government is helped, because the object of the service is organized inside the network,pervade inferior descendants, Africa descendants, middle east descendants and Latin Yi Shequn. Immigrant has the life and undismayed right, below the circumstance that emigrant reform has not realize, this organization offerred a variety of special subject to teach immigrant understanding and the right that uphold his, the new immigrant to understanding immigration laws especially helpful.

Chinese rights and interests promotes meeting community to plan as a whole Huang Meiyu points out, in emigrant rights and interests the organization is the immigrant inside city to provide free law aid and community education, assistance handles the discovery when a variety of emigrant problems, a lot of people are sciolistic only to immigration laws compasses, cause identity problem, discrepancy situation problem and the happening of problem be waitinged for by repatriate easily.

As the city counselor mark of emigrant descendant Siweier also shows up express to support, she states immigrant of every nationality descendants is the main component of the dweller inside city, wait for a problem as a result of language and habits and customs, these immigrant also need to help most. In addition, day forehead divides organization of emigrant rights and interests to announce to will be in the May Day organized big parade on May 1, participator includes each big labour union, emigrant organization, community organization and religion to organize a member.