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Elegant had thought of can communicate very well with Aussie 1
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A lot of clients ask me, we were taken an examination of elegant think of, and the fraction is not small also, so the communication of we and Aussie whether OK exceedingly smooth? I think us once an article of client Mr.Wen can help everybody solve this problem.

Be in personally exotic, you can encounter a lot of difficult problem, among them a the biggest I think is phonetic obstacle. If be found out seriously,rise, probable derive of this big difficult problem comes out the little difficult problem of a lot of other. Especially from chinese mainland comer, because do not have the educational process of the sort of colony type and language environment originally, even if was to learn English how many years, also be more come to it learn when knowledge, never truly study sth in order to apply it. As to bay type English, there can be opportunity experience to arrive rarely in home, learn to rise so the obstacle is bigger. A lot of moment, the record of formal schooling of your one's direct superior still does not have you tall. And a variety of their clues also are seen by you be in the eye, write down go up in the heart, let you laugh in his sleeve in the heart even. But, once need to communicate, the thousands of words of your mind can be given twist to get by the clumsiness of your mouth head 708 broken, appear very foolish. You are very actually clear, this is a language only slow, the person is not rude. But of the language slow affect the life really. Just affect, you also ground of snatch a little leisure from a busy life collects many fun.

When Australia coming first, besides tell " to ask " , " to thank " besides, with me the first undertakes the foreigner that chats truly is Fu of our landlord an old fellow like me. The old lady is 72 years old, the long sleeve that wearing corset spends case skirt, besmear is worn lipstick, ming Yan of it may be said takes a person. Not only the person is beautiful, and hospitable and conversable. Meet, besides the word of the business that rent a house, still had a big her children and grand children people Yi hears fun, accent of English-speaking of landlord old lady should be gotten badly than my Chinese accent much. Know they are Greek immigrant later, but at that time, the lipstick that her accent resembles her is same, gave me to nod color to look indeed. Listening to a string of big belt that blot out the sky and cover up the earth to wear lacy English, my this ear is like is person of 50 years old is attending elementary school classmate to meet, wanted to spell life land dispute to fasten, ability dope out probably. Will arrive suddenly first, original guilty, this confidence is devoid, it is so difficult that the heart wants to understand Australia accent! When hearing true Australia oral speech sound to later, I already had psychological preparation.

Australia accent has distinguishing feature very much really, listen to be used to, you feel Ying Yin and beautiful tone are so feigned unexpectedly so. American talks, every word resembles was to go up oil hit candle, if wants to emphasize an issue really, so a word comes down, southeast northwest ground can swing on countless turns to come to you. The appearance of that assume a manner of levity, as if the truth of whole the world is by include between this have a glib tongue, you do not believe not be up to sb to decide. The Englishman talks, because culture history is traditional,be it seems that too massiness, result, a word with straightforward flat, always 9 place can be pressed so that sink, restore flat again next straightforward. Listen so that let a person be filled with deep esteem. Under photograph comparing, australian accent both neither is oily, not solemn and respectful also, special guileless is easy. The characteristic of this accent is, above all a lot of vowel were made afresh, become pure and honest rise. For instance, say "me" this word, say to seem to plan to say "my" , just changed a mind temporarily till the juncture after taking, recantation "me" . Of course, want to stay a few days in this only, won't "Are You Coming Today? "Listen into "Are You Coming Todie? ". Nevertheless, spell to you in the phone when the family when market name, you may defend oneself not clear that letter that he just said is "A" or "I" after all.
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