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Flower Braun publishs premier new plan has wanted English to close with English
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A-level course high school Shengyasai 5.5 on high school of Canadian name school leaves immigrant of work of new finish school to study abroad without the language emerald insularity studies abroad national big Mei Nusi collects Wu De to experience English Master subject is British to Sweden Colombian graduate student is preliminary course

Braun announced British premier a few days ago, all wanting that marry with the Englishman and emigrate to must attend an English exam to British foreigner. The explanation says Braun, new language exam avoids bride of help foreign country at be being exploited.

According to England " peaceful interview person newspaper " website report, braun says in speech of boreal London: "We will marry for those application visa, the person that plans to settle in England introduces a new English exam, the person that this made clear to British government asks every come to England to live already must the determination that can stress English, can ensure these people won't be exploited again. Can ensure these people won't be exploited again..

It is reported, add up to 4. 70 thousand spouses entered England permissibly 2006, among them 1 . 70 thousand person comes from Indian subcontinent.

After this one plan announces, if these people fail to take an exam through English,still not be clear about at present, whether can the government reject them to enter England directly, or it is to give them to extend temporarily visa.

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