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Canadian immigrant enjoys what treatment

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Face different social culture setting and language obstacle, the immigrant of generation Canada that comes from world each district is spanning strongly new life is itinerary.

After immigrant of Canadian be born entered custom to deal with formalities, can apply for " maple leaf gets stuck " -- live for a long time Id. After taking maple leaf to get stuck, live to be able to apply for 3 years become Canadian citizen completely inside 5 years. And the passport that joining what hold in the emigrant hand that adds citizenship to become a citizen still is former state, its citizenship still is the citizenship of former state. The immigrant that holds maple leaf card and Canadian citizen enjoy same material benefits, suffrage except.

The thing that bringing rude province to still one must want to do is, the free health that to Canadian government health ministry application government aids financially gets stuck (OHIP) . After immigrant takes this piece of card healthy without care, see a doctor need not him dig down, pay this portion expenditure by the government. Find a place for after coming down, emigrant but the family doctor that nearby looks for him to like.

Next, new immigrant or the person that come to Canada work need a government date of social security of another branch application. Had this number people ability is qualified apply for a job earn money mouth of the paste that raise the home. This number is very significant, the loan in the future and turn over to the higher authorities or extending each insurance gold, accuse to fall in this palm, follow the individual is lifelong. The government assures date through inquiring a society, can be opposite circumstance be clear at a glance of the individual.

Taking children the new immigrant of emigrant Canada, it is application child start going to a nursery, enter a school and multinomial children allowance to bustle even.

Canadian government sends the child that just was born every months more than 300 add yuan milk gold. 34 years old are decreased for more than 200, stop to ten years old hair. Since last year, no matter every child raised much old age again 100 add yuan of milk gold. Because this raises a child in Canada,do not sustain losses in business.

The government teachs fund to help the parent put money to get on an university to use later to the child, account must be in child under one's name. The 40 % that put paragraph specified number the first year by the parent send a child, the 20 % that press deposit forehead later extend, till 18 years old till.

Child start going to a nursery can apply for governmental allowance. Agelong income is in the home 40 thousand add yuan the following, subtractive 20 thousand hind the rest 10 % are the fee of start going to a nursery that parent place needs to hand in, of the others by add a government to be wrapped completely. The child with parent high income cannot enjoy this allowance.

The class before the child must go to school 4 years old, 6 years old go up elementary school. Graduate to high school from the class before learning, everything learns incidental expenses complete by add a government to pay. Here does not have textbook cost, because of teacher of middle and primary school not repeat what the book says, teach a course by education outline only. College tuition is not low, every class is in 500 add or so yuan, but the student can apply for student loan. According to the income of student parent, the government lends a student enough tuition and living cost, at the same time still 3000 increase yuan of free allowance of the left and right sides (t of n of G r a ) . The situation of everybody is different, loan specified amount also has a bit difference, every semester is in basically 7000 add or so yuan.
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