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Elegant had thought of can communicate very well with Aussie 2

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In addition, the view in a lot of daily lives also is we are in the school never ask advice passes. For instance, green Chinese onion calls "eschallots" (after making this word, the intellectual category that the computer that links me expresses to this had exceeded it) . Of course, without giving thought to it how more the name changes a last name, put on goods shelves, it still is that appearance of the ideal in my memory, so, be being taken simply is. But, if I want to ask counterjumper where has mothball, then I am about to describe it in order to explain the dimensions of article comes. Size, appearance, odour, function... , write an in part when this paper, counterjumper with respect to "Oh, mothball" , let you simply feel contest has bit of all one's previous efforts wasted.

Still have, "Handsome" form tolerate with others is " the meaning of good-looking " , if be appearance money, represent the amount of " considerable " . Interpret becomes Chinese, also a matching of both sound and sense in two lines carefully and nearly; Say who is "seeingsomebody" , means this paragraph who is and is dating, the content of appointment is far of course so pure without "seeing" ; "Swear" this word, knew it is " pledges only in the past " this meaning, but look now, moment of people great majority is to use it to express to " says bad language " and be not " to pledge " . Also be, everybody is to pledge rarely really nowadays, but it is very easy however say bad word. Of course, also we can guess the word that must come out according to Chinese thinking. For instance, of the kitchen, the help with farm work of the factory calls "kitchenhand, Factoryhand" , the " helper " that says with us is similar. Nevertheless, "You do not go to the single complex number of Hand" dispute, do not express what a hand can be competent to this work is you oddly.

A few words in Australia spoken language, if do not have bright person to give directions, yourself also can realize ability of superior a period of time come out. For example, when people is expressing a few so not grand gratitude, appreciate the meritorious service of the raise one's hand of others for instance, say "Tar" ; Express dirty, disgusting, mawkish, say "Yark" . These can not be very rare jargon absolutely, it is the word of one's duty completely, bow one's head all is, you speak out nobody your English says meeting boast well. The common term in spoken language still has "bloke" , express " of " person, fellow. In the dialog, left a "bloke" is right a "bloke" , listened to even American to also be met muddleheaded, still think Australia has tremendous, those who spread all over the surname "bloke" of all trades and professions is familial. With "bloke" same height is returned currently have one word of "mate" , read rise like "might" . Its meaning is equivalent to the " brother " of Chinese probably, but applicable limits wants than " brother " wide. The holiday wants to cover so close to, so this "mate" can span a variety of bounds such as sexual distinction, age, estate, straightway. In addition, current again confine some, that is Australian " country scold " , or those who call " bay city is great adjectival " -- "bloody" . The " with the literal means bloody " of this word, because the vocabulary of my Chinese bad language is too finite, wanted a long time to also did not think out a well_matched word so. Should say, does it compare " ? ? ? ? "Want civilization a few. In bad language, it is a more creditable, because of it not the meaning that drag in encroachs to any sexes. Normally, it can be added before any nouns, adjective, express mood strengthen, or it is malcontent, sneer at, but wait for a mood. Before one, kun Shilan's bey took a "bloody" in speaking. After the event, also somebody advise, but most person feels this is a kind of kind, guileless, expression means that is humour even it seems that. The official is in those who express a view is final, still did not forget to want to act according to fair fulfil one's duty the ground follows echo of bey from beginning to end, say to hope this is the "bloodyend" of this thing. Now, as global unifinication, a so good adjective has been in gradually abdicate gives that with "F" nob, more international some bad language.

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