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Bay the government encourages new immigrant to go to suburb settle
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According to latest news: The likelihood in coming to Australian new immigrant will have half person to want suburb settle, federally the purpose is the skill shortage problem that will make up for the whole nation through this method. Want to use immigrant to help suburb town search imperative employee federally. Current, arrive at Australian new immigrant every year to have 140 thousand person.

According to coverage of abstruse feet network, be now federally made a plan to the emigrant number 2010 2009, will undertake discussion by cabinet April. In offer the measure that includes to force the immigrant of at least 45% to live to population to go under the area of 350 thousand person in measure.

Emigrant minister Yimosi (a spokesman of Chris Evans) rejects to state whether the government is considering such reform, but senatorial emigrant problem that had in Feburary evaluates committee to go up, yi Mosi says, the government is willing to consider to encourage immigrant to move to make up for the measure of obtain employment breach to the suburb.

Yi Mosi says, structure of supply of current Australian labour force has big problem, and extremely low unemployment rate also explains the demand of certain domain in economic progress is very huge. He expresses, one of challenges that currently hold the post ofa government find the way that attracts labour force to go to special area namely. Current, the place sponsors land settlement policy to encourage a few immigrant to go to a suburb living, will help local obtain employment with this.