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Canadian statistic bureau: The everybody when Chinese office worker works tells
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Canadian statistic bureau announces 4 days this month investigation of office worker use language showed 2006, in Wengehua mother tongue is a country the immigrant of language of another name for Guangdong Province, when the job need not English scale is as high as 15.6% with 14.6% , outclass Canada other area. "One stone arouses 1000 billow " , this phenomenon causes a Chinese to discuss extensively of community.

Someone says this shows land settlement policy very failure, language doorsill did not have effect at all; Also someone says to need not learn English to go to add national capital to not be afraid of, it is easier and easier that abroad immigrant fends. Someone says this shows Chinese has been in the whole world is rooted and gemmiparous, economic centre of gravity is inside Chinese circle; Also someone says, do not tell English to have the professional job with high income impossibly, emigrant and abroad learning English just is kingcraft.

Attorney friend James is big to me when meeting recently beautiful mandarin, although not fluent, but dialect standard, speech clarity, already with before the month 3 his not to be named on the same day with. Await in those days, he or " mandarin blind " .

Canada comes from Taiwan with parents when James is very small, follow a lot of immigrant the 2nd generation is same, his mandarin degree be confined to listens and what can not understand certainly is low-level run state. Also such, when we need to be the professional problem related law to communicate, each other are one build two big. But now, having is " person fasten 3 days, should blow eye to want to look " , a paragraph of dialog comes down, I must say, you are ascensive amazingly quick really.

Fine ask under, these 3 months are in original James hard to learn mandarin, sign up technically still for this attended mandarin class, scrupulous ground learns to rise from the beginning. Although not allow easy, but James calm bear, the stimulation of interest drive is very intense. As a lawyer, face of a pair of Chinese attracted clients of many foreign citizen of Chinese origin for him. Need looks for a lawyer is not bagatelle, no matter be to buy room, divorce or deal, an every little bit must get one word clear and clear. Can come, these agreement at every turn a few pages, to a lot of people that English is not mother tongue, little criterion a few hours, many daylong possible, very wasteful time. And consider you laborious idea looks, still also be not likely can figure out. Want, even if Chinese, the professional term of some law respect also can be guessed only probably just. So, look for a Chinese lawyer to hope to look for a  of the Song Dynasty to writing brush strong tip of  of exorcise model  jumps over dainty to hold Yi Qiaonan of Nao of Li of  of clear of faithful tan1huan4 of Hui of bursa of  Gao mace in the palm about namely Piao of provide for of bridle of sprain of male ┨ of  of Gui of favour of cowardly of dizzy cheek of ┨ sprain Tuan? ? Chinese will undertake.
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