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American green card " lure action " French
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Below globalization setting, standard beautiful economy grows a level to be close to increasingly, from economically consider emigrant United States, had attracted a French no longer. Like the French with cate and relatively carefree life especially, do not like " snack type " American lifestyle. But conversely, the United States needs to come from Europe to include French immigrant however.

See handbill of a piece of advertisement in Parisian subway a few days ago: "The move such as visa of 55000 pieces of green card you, extend with ballot form " , "Since 1990, already 1.6 million person plays lot " . I am in France is the whole thing also have ten years, the advertisement of such catchpenny immigrant, really rarely seen still.

The United States is a French really besides the most yearning place beyond Europe. Data is card: The French that lives outside French condition at present is close 2 million, besides among them about the half lives in the European Union -- namely French periphery country -- beyond, what France is in abroad is the biggest a group of things with common features group be in the United States namely, amount to 500 thousand the left and right sides. In ten years after World War II just ends, once was the time that the United States goes before French immigrant flocks. France is disastrous in the war at that time, economy and social crisis are heavy, because this a lot of Frenches think,go to the United States fending. The French at that time goes to the United States, with it is likewise difficult that the Chinese applies for to go to the United States today.

And arrived last centuries 889 time, france appeared again the Xiaogao of emigrant United States is wet. On one hand, france estate of a few elite to escape the taxation with exorbitant France. On the other hand, france is young generation elite, also begin to migrate toward the United States, be like a few young brainpower of France. In France because the research organization is regular not quite reasonable, they take scientific research funds not easily, and the United States does not have this kind of problem. Connect the agitation that the actor also appeared to migrate to the United States even. Still have a batch of minority a group of things with common features group, it is when French progress is not great, also migrate to the United States.

Arrived today, the upsurge of French immigrant United States already no longer. Because its Central Plains is of many sided. A Frenches go up from culture American of look down upon of all through the ages, always be sarcastic American does not have culture, without the history. In fact, when I visit hill of United States Congress in those days, no matter be from building itself, or from interior decoration, of fine fine appreciation, really one is plant " Faner surpasses palace or bad of Lu float Gong Zhuo borroweds article " feeling. Second French all through the ages has one to plant in mentally " the mood that turn over the United States " . From World War II ability appears and continuance comes down this kind of mood can say. Dai Gaole's general does not like Englishman and American is history go up of account. This kind " the mood that turn over the United States " evolve into a kind slowly " the complex that turn over the United States " . Arrived 2003 when Iraqi war, of France " the complex that turn over the United States " always erupt. Small Bush is in today of French reputation in disorder, it is compatriots is adv unimaginably. Nevertheless, this kind " the complex that turn over the United States " had weakened greatly after new president Sakeqi is elected, have greatly " complex " return " mood " situation.
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