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Canadian emigrant unemployment rate is low cross local

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According to Canada " bright newspaper " report, published emigrant labor market to report on Feburary 13 according to Canadian statistic bureau (CanadianImmigrantLabourMarketStudy) , touch port not to go to China 5 years emigrant unemployment rate is as high as 12% , give unripe personage unemployment rate than Canada 4.9% , tower above 1.44 times.

Nevertheless, the report also points out, chinese immigrant supports port 10 years above, unemployment rate hurriedly falls to 4.8% , be born than this locality even Canadian 4.9% still slightly low.

Immigrant of report indication China is in Canada obtain employment, heal as time long enter the most pleasant stage gradually. As to suiting in the job had better be Philippine immigrant, the Philippine emigrant unemployment rate that reachs port to be less than 5 years has 5.4% only, it is the lowest in all emigrant origin countries person, all immigrant are touched the unemployment rate inside 5 years is port on average 11.5% , all immigrant touch port 5 years to 10 years of unemployment rate to drop to 7.3% , support port 10 years above falls again to 5% .

This is Canadian statistic bureau works according to coming 25 years old 54 years old 2006 obtain employment circumstance emigrates inside the age, completes report.

The report shows, what southeast Asia comes is emigrant, the unemployment rate after supporting port relatively the immigrant that other area comes to is low, be born with this locality Canadian also is close to. Nevertheless, it is the country that comes from an Asia euqally, the immigrant that comes from chinese mainland supports port 5 years the unemployment rate inside is as high as 12% however, support port 5 years to 10 years drop to 8.7% , support port 10 years above more fall to 4.8% , show as immigrant time heals long, situation of Chinese emigrant obtain employment takes a favourable turn considerably namely.

Emigrant respect of Chinese Hong Kong, touch the data that 5 years less than reachs port 5 years to come 10 years to be deficient in, but support port 10 years the Hong Kong emigrant unemployment rate of above drops to 4.7% , emigrate with the mainland 4.8% adjacent.

The report points out, no matter be the immigrant that that one area comes to, support port 5 years the unemployment rate inside, all be born than Canada the public figure is tall, but after supporting port 10 years, come from European immigrant, unemployment rate drops to 4% , already gave unripe personage unemployment rate than Canada 4.9% for low. As to North America (the United States) the immigrant that come, the unemployment rate after supporting port 10 years falls to 2.8% , it is all immigrant in the center lowest person.

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