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Canada declares dutiable goods season basically has two: Income tax and sale tax
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Tall welfare policy of Canada is the powerful economy strength with the government as what prop up. Economic backing of the government results from social taxation. To ordinary common people, canadian taxation basically has two: Income tax and sale tax. Income tax is the duty Wu that reachs province government pay to federal by individual income. It is from inside salary by employer era buckles acting capture taxes commonly. Duty Wu of Canada is used progressive receive tax law, the part of basic living cost does not need to pay tax, the share that exceed is divided into a certain number of paragraph, the percentage in tall income level taxation is the more higher. Generally speaking, the salary that takes from employer place every time is subtract income tax, annuities (CPP) and gold of obtain employment insurance (the net income of EI) . Before every arrive the 2nd year by April, taxpayer should fill in declare dutiable goods watch, the government returns the amount of tax to be paid that buckles more, neat to doing not have the part that makes a neat inadequacy to fill. And register emeritus deposit to plan (RRSP) , public traffic, remove (be used at the job or learn a purpose) , medical treatment charge fall in certain limitation, can touch again detain imposition cardinal number. And sale tax also calls money work duty (GST) , happen in the hour that buy goods or serves, by seller pass on federally. Have the province tax that pays a province the government additionally (PST) . In sale tax respect, in although all people are in,concerning a service to governmental pay certain taxes, but if be under the income that the government provides, every family still can obtain certain GST drawback by the quarter. Canada registers accountant (CGA) Yan Gong introduces to the reporter, newspaper not just the person that be confined to has income, even if does not have income, also want to declare dutiable goods. Because declare dutiable goods,be Canadian citizen and emigrant obligation, declare dutiable goods the duty Wu record that can preserve to be in Canada to you, in the meantime, if do not declare dutiable goods, cannot enjoy drawback not only, also cannot get the welfare such as children milk gold. So, must be in will declare dutiable goods entirely before the bottom in April the data is sent or in the net aspirant travel electron declares dutiable goods. Hot government has authority date from 6 years inside declare dutiable goods according to, so need saves relevant certificate 6 years. The electron declares dutiable goods reach pertinent information to sign up for revenue through table of net admiral tax namely. Declare dutiable goods for the first time, cannot declare dutiable goods in order to use an electron, because cannot get the online password of revenue (Access Code) . Declare dutiable goods simply, fill in by hand duty is expressed can, convenient save trouble. Taxation of Canadian individual income is: According to above quota ego of progressive tax rate is declared (Self-Assessment System Of Progressive Taxation) . Taxpayer wants every year to be declared by formulary time, or oneself fill in, perhaps ask accountant, professional personage to do sth for sb. Tax law sets, pay revenue enters range, all sorts of whole world income (Worldwide Income) , include formal job income, casual to make income, pension, accrual, commission, employ income, investment income oneself (stock investment, house property investment) , allowance of rental building, inductrial injury. Alexandrine year of photograph comparing, there was the following project that reduce tax later 2007:

1, reduce lowermost individual to enter interest tax rate, tax rate arrives from 15.5% bring downs under $37.178 15%
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