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Additional kind " cadge " in Australia
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Carefree and content street actor

In Australia, be called " Busker " (street actor) person, they or play musical instrument, or variety (the small impurities ability of similar home) , or do craft of certain human body, if play the part of Indian, robot to wait, often see tourist and accept as a souvenir of their group photo. Although be placed before them,have the case that receives fund, but they pay no attention to the amount that receives fund, and the performance that cares about them whether the acclamation that wins an audience. Allegedly once a New Zealand female nurse is infatuated with actor of a street bewitchedly, put forward to be not him to be not married even. According to Australian regulation, do this not to need to pay tax all right, must file patent to the government however.

The street driveway of Australia town, no matter size, allow actor show. Knock of beat, those who play musical instrument, play wind instruments, vocal, orchestic, mixed, have everything that one expects to find. Some is single-handed, 29 simple musical instrument, look for one each to think proper place, sit the ground is performed rise. Also some team neat, of ten people have, equipment of sound having spread has stage property, content nature also is abounded more. No matter number number, in front of uniform the musical instrument case that puts an air, use. But art people won't start to talk to person panhandle, won't ask for forcibly more, accord does not give, give to how little, complete by the audience optional.

The performance quality of street actor differs very big, some perhaps just introduction, come out to drill experienced craft, earn a few pin money incidentally, but also have professional level, I had seen such show on Bo Kejie. From a few meters of places beyond, that a long time ago tweedle was passed, it is Mozart's serenade. My at first still thinks is to opening outdoor concert, approaching to just know is street actor in the show. The pedestrian all round rests on chair almost full, I also joined the procession of the person that stand cannot refrain fromingly. The investment of heart of executant whole body, listen auditor is preoccupied likewise, the pace that links a pedestrian is put very gently. Executant has 3 people only, but those who perform is much however it is world great musical composition, still have among them " Liang Zhu " an extract, performance clearance, a lot of Chinese applause to come.

I also had seen shaped of body of choose and employ persons resembles a show, it is the girl likely. They are worn write classic dress, play the part of the beauty of 18 centuries, also have go up in the body and pink of the gold on the apply on the face, pull write high bob, make the person remembers the civilization of ancient Egypt. They face numerous audience, act as if there is no one else present, motionless. Ignore round of eyeball, appear however all the more vivid. Had run when children when whereaboutldirection loses money in their box, the corners of the mouth from them can detect to smile lightly then, be just as religion to draw medium angel.
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