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Immigrant contributes big average income to cross native high to British economy
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One when British Home Office announces 16 days is aimed at emigrant newest report to show, population of every 8 works has England one is to come from abroad, population of foreign immigrant work created the economic benefits of 6 billion pound for England last year, their average income also relatively what this locality Englishman comes is tall.

According to Taiwan central company reports, home Office report points out, the average Zhou Xin with emigrant foreign country is 424 pound, the 395 pound of people of this locality of prep above England. The statistic of British government still shows, arrive from 2001 2006, in annual working population, foreign labor increases with the scale of 0.5% ; The proportion that the foreigner 10 years ago holds British work population only 7.4% , the four seasons increased to 12.5% 2006.

Home Office points out, multinomial evidence shows, immigrant contributes fine to British economy much, in recent years foreign immigrant is contributed in communal financial even labor of prep above homeland. Often oppugn hamster labor to swarm into England in great quantities to the outside, cause British labor unemployment, home Office expresses and do not have this matter.

A findings report of compilation of public policy institute shows the England that media of the England before this announces, the employee that is born in England notchs inside mass territory under average level. Compare with the employee photograph of other country, british employee applies for more sick leave allowance, more count relief house, and working time is shorter however. This also reflected the condition that British native contributes to economy from a flank.

It is the specific amount that masters foreign immigrant correctly to be in England, home Office director's emigrant undersecretary Bai Entan bear, dismantle leave the country registering is a mistake, will begin computation to join the number that leave the country. Future a month, home Office will roll out E-Borders system, leave the country automatically to entering with electronic means the passenger has statistic.