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Land settlement policy attracts a Chinese to invest 4 kinds of of emigrant Singa

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The growth rate to maintain economy and steady social pattern, governmental plan is in Singapore to did not come 10 years inside increase Singaporean opening to 6.5 million person from current 4 million person. Be in place to assure a Chinese dweller the rate of 75% , singapore government new land settlement policy tilts somewhat to the Chinese, more and more Chinese regard emigrant good land as Singapore.

Singapore belongs to the Chinese's world, the language does not have an obstacle, discrepancy is domestic and international convenient be economical, good suit. Without English requirement, also do not have lowermost living requirement, also do not have a requirement to record of formal schooling.

The investment way that invests emigrant Singapore to allow has 4 kinds:

The first kind, investor is least and contributive 1 million new money creates a company in Singapore, undertake the management activity of Singapore government permission;

The 2nd kind, ask investor invests 1.5 million new money in Singapore only (about 7.5 million RMB) , with the fund that provides at buying a government, retain 5 years;

The 3rd kind, 2 million new money invests in Singapore, among them the fund that 1 million new money buys a government to set, 1 million new money can buy house property of for private use;

The 4th kind, investor also can use direct deposit the means of 5 million new money, 0 risks obtain Singapore to counterpoise habitat, at present deposit accrual is about 4% the left and right sides.

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