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The sense of reality that an old immigrant lives in Canada thinks! Help you unde
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It is read a lot of new immigrant from the net to Canada complain, became emigrant forum to go up even about Canada thematic when, hope to be able to come to Canada as really time longish often emigrates, also share oneself feeling with new immigrant, consult for everybody. On the other hand, get the support of Christian love, IAndThe madam eliminates the job besides, be engaged in the compulsory advisory servive routine that Chinese new immigrant finds a place for a few this years all the time, new immigrant of the contact is more, many new immigrant and had found a place for " old " immigrant ever also suggested we experience ours write an article with understanding, offer new immigrant.

The time that wants to write this article to already had more than two years.

But still be lug goes two many years. Main reason, it is the life, job too busy, the job that has oneself wants to do, two homes of 6 years old of the following children want to busy, return the compulsory job that promising new immigrant consults. 2 it is new immigrant has to complain more, complaint is more suit period, even if the A Guide To Living In Canada of Canadian government also is to admonish so everybody. Because this feels new to immigrant croaks solid it is normal to belong to, need not beyond the mark and serious, as the lengthen that understands time and life stable, they can are opposite finally severally Canadian life has an objective knowledge.

Today eventually start writing, the most immediate cause is " low poem sunshine " forum " inform to what Canada lives " a word of the author in one article: "Whether is knowing successful personage does not wish to come this layout expresses an opinion, the comer after still disdaining to offer information to give " .

One, our experience

I am the chinese mainland that left in April 1991. Preexistence England Oxford did a year of half postdoctoral. Subsequently I go to the United States Hawaiian thing square research center works, the madam reads to Canadian McMaster. A year
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