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city teaching bureau finds a place for service benefit reachs new emigrant famil
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Bureau of education of Wen Ge China since since 15 schools were being recruited to find a place for the clerk helps new emigrant student and family when begin school in September, to the end of October, the father and mother that already had many more than 600 student and them accepts a service. According to statistic, have exceeding 1/3 is to come from China.

Educational bureau plans to be in next year the middle ten days of a month was added again in January hire 8 clerks, there will be the language that 23 schools find a place for the clerk differs with 10 kinds of aboves when arriving, the family that is student and them provides a service.

Current, 15 schools find a place for the clerk's allocation case is 6 middle schools and 10 elementary school, include the middle school such as Magee, Churchill, King George, Kitsilano, Tupper, John Oliver, and elementary school of Moberly, Trafalgar, Tecumseh, Cook, Fleming, Selkirk, Strathcona, Kitchener, Britannia, Waverley.

The basis is taught the bureau is newest a finished report, rose in January next year new 8 addition schools find a place for clerk, will first group reachs middle school and the school that there still is not a clerk now.

The school finds a place for clerk (Settlement Workers In School) is by allocate funds to save a government federally, allocate funds to visit 10 schools district completely by province seat of government again, in all 11 million yuan, run an enterprise 2 years.

Bureau of lukewarm city education says in this report, the first batch 15 clerks are perfectness 11 kinds of languages, mandarin and Cantonese are included, term begins from September to the end of October, they serve 628 students and parent in all, among them 53% it is parents or guardian, 44% it is a student, with be in the majority of high school student. Come to Canadian time as to these students and parent, exceed half the number (54%) is less than a year, 30% be 1 to 3 years, the others already lived 3 years in Canada above.

In all students that accept a service and parent, with coming from chinese mainland hold maximum number, be as high as 34% , exceed 1/3, hong Kong and Taiwan are occupied only 2% with 1% , han descendants personage occupies the 2nd, occupy 16% , it is Philippine respectively next, India and Yue Yi's personage.

Bureau of education of Wen Ge China already had 24 originally the name is multivariate culture contact member, hold the position of the bridge of emigrant family and school. But find a place for the clerk's limits criterion not merely interpreter of be confined to and contact, they also provide building, obtain employment, and the information on the life serves.